1494 diogenesofthemidwest To be fair, the scene where she lays her eggs on a bed and he comes by later to fertilize them was cut by the censor.
624 Erase-her-head I love how it’s bookended with “not once”!
710 EvilFerby What are you a gay fish
680 ShadowOfEnder I had the same complaint. You see her bush, you see her tits, you see her ass, all more than once. You see her masturbating in the bathtub several times even, but all we get for the fish cock is a little hand gesture explaining how it comes out. Bullshit. Edit: forgot a word.
87 Lontology Kanye can't fool me by changing his name to "Steve."
147 GreatTragedy Spill.com (the old one) did my favorite film review of all time, for Vampires Suck: Review opens with a 20ish second clip from the movie. Clip cuts to the animated character for one of the reviewers just staring angrily at the camera. Pause for 5 seconds: "Fuck you." End review.
28 seanprefect Reminds me of that one empire magazine reviewer (not the one who wrote the official review) who said the movie was "like free willy if the kid fucked the whale at the end"
30 jippyzippylippy To be fair, there's tons of R-rated movies where you see pretty much everything on the woman but never a guy's cock. It's just the way Hollywood is wired right now (and for the last 40 years).
24 CleatusVandamn You don't see dicks in a lot of movies where dicks should be. Like King Kongs dick. You know King Kong has a big ol dick too like the size of a subway car, just swinging, with some balls.
76 canadianbydeh Is this movie genuinely worth watching?
51 Panther_Shark And the fish never paid for drugs...not once.
36 alpha69 It was pretty good for a bestiality movie.