532 BooStickTime Lisa!Lisa!...its me...thats not me!...Let me in!!!
97 fatboyslick Brutal
210 flaquito_ Is it sad that my first thought was "I should send this to my blind friend who owns a cat!"?
50 DeathFerrox I had to try so hard not to laugh in my last few minutes at work. My boss is in an office right across from me and can see almost everything I do. I can't even smirk otherwise I'll give something away.
51 [deleted] [deleted]
94 nateofallnates "Pretty bird, pretty bird. Polly want a cracker?"
33 N3UROTOXIN I was like haha they are saying the raccoo...oooh shit there’s a cat trying to get in maybe it isn’t bullshit
33 SnowMexican007 Cat:No not again Girl:mr.fluffles how’d you get so big
19 rucksacksepp "Jenny, you fucking idiot, I'm out here"
12 Tearakan Trash Panda! They are way too smart to keep as an easy pet.
28 Razgriz1982 She does look blind. I can see her no problem.
8 HPIguy I've been around both "pet" squirrels, and raccoons, you don't want either as a pet.