566 haywood-jablomi At that point the only logical thing to do is to destroy the ladder
90 pwrwisdomcourage How have you survived up until this point?
47 JoeErving Please don't let him prune the trees!
73 Area51Resident This man does not ladder.
170 aubstjohn Psychologists call this “flow“. This is where you are so engaged in an enjoyable activity that you lose consciousness of space and time.
36 THcB Mr Bean's Christmas.
13 pm_me_ur_oldsmobile Looks like it's time to put that ladder down. Else it will kill you.
6 THcB Well, ladders are just bad luck.
7 bergler28 Killin' it.
7 ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN You really need to step up your game.
6 chicken_knodel_soup This week, the Christmas lights took you down
4 Thadirt Oh Clark.
5 KelleyK_CVT I'm glad I'm not the only one who is a constant source of entertainment for my neighbors.
7 DrSeuzz Well this was a delight.
3 Threeknucklesdeeper Was waiting for the chainsaw.
5 amosh31 Deleted scenes from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
5 savyq how can you be that ...
3 jef_snow Mondays
3 scarletotter I understand why you ended the clip there, there are children on this website and the inevitable full on beat down you were about to give that ladder while fully deserved may not be appropriate for the internet. Pro tip: keep pieces of your destroyed ladder in view of your new ladder so it knows you are not to be messed with.
3 Spaidi Why did you film yourself?
3 My_Pen_is_out_of_Ink Why even *have* a ladder? You're not even using it. Unless using it to cause bodily harm to yourself counts..
3 Sly_Mong00se This dude's ladder technique is exactly what I expect from nerds in the suburbs with spotless behemoth trucks.
5 quazifrog And NOW I understand why it’s such a struggle to get my husband to take down the lights.