1550 [deleted] [deleted]
1062 sassysaltysecretary At first I thought she was going to say the were getting a divorce. Whats wrong with me.
2063 RemixOnAWhim That sigh from Dad at the end, he's wondering when they had sex too :S
288 plaguefish I love that dubious side-eye at the little brother right after, "You're having *another* baby?"
93 nobody_likes_soda That awkward laugh.   *"Haha ahhh...haha"*
166 imcoolbutnotreally That turned around quick
187 Pyronax Love the moms laugh, sounds like the brain had to pause and mull that one over
41 Zumvault I choose to believe he asked that because his sole purpose since his younger brother was born was to prevent exactly this from happening.
66 RyanPelley He sounds genuinely interested with the question. Kids are the best.
141 lizzardx An other baby?
67 judgehood Kids these days are ahead of the game.
28 thecodemaker Are you having another baby?. Are you mental?
47 boofire Every time you go to bed ~Mommy