Waiting for E3 2018 to be like
This a new take on my childhood
Hey, great move!
No please don't papa PUBG
Hey look, that's cute!
Now THIS is podracing!
It’s amazing how accurate they were about gaming in the future
[GR: Wildlands] "I can see for miles with these babies"
Big news!
More like most rational fear.
They really need to get wheelchair access to this place (Hitman Blood Money)
Can we cut the crap, and get this franchise on the Switch already?
Struggles of being a wizard in Skyrim
My GF took this on a random street in Tokyo today.
When your friend isn't allow to have discord
VR Ice Cream Truck
Kid-friendly? I don't think so.
Everytime -.-
Fortnite players resist killing each other to deconstruct the most popular area in the game!
Red Alert 2. Unreal Engine
No better feeling.
A sleeping Pokémon blocks the way!
Typical Apocalyptic Bandit
Did she just prostitue herself to a ghoul?
I try to be a polite gamer
Master-little-chief on the way back from school.
[Far Cry 5] Perfect game response to a neat headshot.
The dutch government will be giving 4 big developers 8 weeks to remove loot box gambling systems from their games, otherwise they have the risk of getting a fine and their game of the shelves in Dutch physical and online stores.
Lord of the D > Little D
Charizard Post-it Note art
Look, an open parking spot
Found this...and wondered why? Oh yeah, ex-GF
( ?° ?? ?°)
X-post from r/mapporn
There is no such thing as the perfect contr...
Pelican inbound
Spotted the Nuka-Cola man on my way to work.
You can't have both
Basically how I see choices in most games
Poor Goat
62 Classysaurus Might as well do a little organ racketeering on the side.
38 VeteranZero This game is awesome, i just wish you maintain the outfit through the cut scenes. Being in a different outfit then going back to default on the cut scenes then back to my custom outfit just makes me go a big rubbery one. Like it just kills the emmersion for me. I feel like it makes the game look rushed.
12 MoistShred This game is actually pretty fun
9 Thescarrydoor I like Mafia 3, the music was top notch and I'm pretty sure Mafia 3 is the only time in a game where I have stopped to listen to a news broadcast. Of all the side characters in the game the CIA guy was the best, I would love a game based just on him.
9 Holy-Hands-of-Christ There's a really gritty, brutal, realistic and fun game in there with a great story and great acting, marred by unrelenting grind and repetition and having to drive halfway across the map for every fucking quest. And for some reason I have to reduce my soundcard's quality settings before starting the game each time, otherwise the audio is a crackling mess ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
3 break-kay Native Sonnnnnnnnnnnn!
2 GravityMuffin My favorite clip of something like this. [Hitman AI is top tier](
3 Fonzworth10 Gave it a chance, but couldn't stand the gameplay loop and really felt like I was wasting my precious gaming time. Took out the disc, installed Uncharted Nathan Drake collection for the first time and never looked back. Best decision I've ever made.
1 Shadowcat514 I'm trying to think, but I can't remember a single game that actually punished this sort of ridiculous AI exploit in any meaningful way. Some games have guards that are going to go and look for their comrades that have suddenly disappeared from their patrol routes, but when they've finished searching it's as if nothing happened and they promptly forget about it. Others have some sort of radio check up on every guard, but again, after a while they stop caring about it, even if they're down to a single guard in the end. I'd like a special enemy group that spawns and initiates a map wide search like in the MGS series (that was only if somebody had managed to call HQ though), or at least a permanently increased enemy awareness/alert level. Best would be both. Any additional disappearances could trigger a terror state-like mechanic for the guards like in Batman Arkham Asylum or Mark of the Ninja. Edit: would also like to add that I'm not talking about games like Mafia here, if those types of games had a system like that it'd be super great, but I realize that doing such a thing in an open world game that has stealth only as a "side" mechanic would be a tremendously difficult task.
1 Praesumo Nothing beats throwing a guy you just knifed in the neck over your shoulder to cover your clothes in blood.
1 Hummy_Seed Ah yes, when I play hitman. This is usually the tactic I turn to
1 ptapobane reminded me of that one time I found a murder corner in mankind divided where dozens of mindless npcs just charges at my character...literally filled the cubbyhole with unconscious idiots
1 Talos1111 Russian stealth. "No one can see me if there is no one to see me!"
1 Zorewin lol this game was so bad.. stealth was so crappy..