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Skyrim Mug that my friend made for me in 2011... thought you guys would appreciate it.
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I think I found an unknown dickbutt Easter Egg in Layers of Fear during my first playthrough on Switch. Check the letters next to the text I put in.
Cobblestone? Nah I'll just take a picture of aquarium gravel
In Kingdom Hearts, Ariel tells Sora how much she wants to visit other worlds. In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora is able to summon Ariel, bringing her with him to other worlds.
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Rockstars game engine "RAGE" was ahead of it's time. The player protected himself from further injury with his hands.
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Modern Warfare 2
Jannet Vinogradova as Triss Merigold (Witcher 3)
Crawl out
So, when playing NBA 2k16, you don't find out your character has a twin until AFTER you create them... oops.
Glory to arstotzka
Here's my 2007 potato PC's games library, what about you?
444 dontuforget My dentist has a GameCube in his waiting area with Super Mario Sunshine. It’s definitely in the designated kids part of the waiting room, but I still play it every time I go in there.
103 MaddieEsquire About a month ago, I took my sons to get their hair cut at a kids place I hadn’t tried yet. I was stoked to see a TV with an N64 & Super Mario 64. I told the lady I wanted them to have a fade, but longer on top. I spent the duration of their haircuts getting the 8 red coins in the first level. I was in nostalgia heaven (even though the controller sucked and you couldn’t turn right, so I was spinning a lot to get around). I got the star, checked on the kids, and my 3 year old literally had the same haircut as Kim Jong Un.
76 DrReginaldCatpuncher I donated two old PS2's to my closest hospital after I went in for surgery on my femur, right around the time of the PS3 coming out. If you've got any old consoles lying about in the UK and don't mind missing out on the resale they're always massively appreciated on NHS hospital wards.
19 RawkUnderground I work for a company that is contracted with hospitals to manage and sell their used equipment. We went to a warehouse that was filled with a hospital's used stuff and while looking through it all I found a Pokemon Snap / Stadium station that they used to have in Blockbusters. After asking around a bit they let me take it for free. I was so stoked. Sadly, it sits in storage at my company's warehouse because there's no room for it in my apartment.
18 dtowngamer You think it still works?
17 Tritanius Did he check it for money or car keys, hmm 🤔 was there a yacht inside of it?
5 simoleo89 I wonder what games they have? Some luigis mansion?
5 jakedasnake1 Working in healthcare IT, this does not surprise me at all. I bet the EMRs they are running are older.
9 londonjp My dad had op to in uk today to all a success and free thank you England
22 SirLenzalot What outdated tech. Your dad should run if they bring out the leech jars
3 Unholyguardian And they say the NHS needs more money, pah! Just look at this top of the range GEM.
3 ZHughesii How's your dad?
3 DocTheop Sorry to hear about your dad... hope all is okay. Man, I had lots of great times with my GameCube... Rogue Leader, The Matrix, Pimkin and last but not least, Simpsons Road Rage.
3 Bilbo_Saggins01 Is that Gru from Despicable Me on the right?
3 GeneralArcane Kinda surprised an NHS hospital is running hardware as modern as a GameCube
5 alisos360 Quick mom, break my leg !
6 shrdybts That’s a fun way to spread germs.