Saving Nintendo..
When a new Overwatch hero comes out
Nintendo Switch Wooden Box Selfmade
Story of my life
I really hope this becomes the new standard for water in games (Sea of Thieves)
Fridays can be rough
Just a fleshwound
Some ancient remnants of the Console Wars have been found
I've come to play you again
When the game you have been waiting for gets delayed.
Well that was close
I think 99% of shooters are making this mistake.
It took my 48 year old Dad 9 months to collect all 900 Korok Seeds. Here's him getting his last one.
One of my 5th grade students brought this to show me today saying “I brought you an ancient item...” He was later heard explaining to the other boys in class that this old machine didn’t even have a charger and ran on “freaking batteries”.
Seems Pacific Rim filmmakers like Star Wars
Greatest deer hunter the world has ever seen
Father and son finally forgive each other
This week, after over a year of evenings and weekends spent developing, I finally released my first game, Nano Golf!
Why is that STEAM can remember my credit card number but not my age for trailers???
My original friend from 2006. Purchased December 3rd, 06. This is the 60gb model for $599. I was 26 yrs old. I was single and always gaming. I'm now 37 with 2 children that use it daily. Its still running strong as hell. Old friend.
Lara Croft Cosplay from Tomb Raider : Legend
A human game of Chess, 1924
EA is allowing an AI to learn to play battlefield 1, I don’t think we should be to worried about bot opponents just yet tho...
First moral panic huh
When you press the mute button in a MOBA
My neighbor just invited me up too his attic, after we were talking about collectables, all them days that i was bored at home and this, pass the controller.
Now Battlefront 2 IS the lootbox
Spending the next two weeks in hospital. Decided to treat myself!
Grandpa gave my 5th grade child an ancient item!
This sub right now [Sea of Thieves]
My final Toys R Us purchase this morning.
The perfect Marionette by Dr_Bond
made a Master Sword pen
The amount of fun i had with this game was to much
Sorry guys but I think "The Rock" should be in the next assassin's Creed. He's got my vote
I really hope this becomes the new standard for water in my games!
C’mon...we’ve all tried to at least once!
Just playing a bit of Overbowatch 6.
21 xynix_ie Ha! I was like.. I think I still have the original CD of that game and I do because I'm a game hoarder. III: II Gold: Oh, and the original: Bonus, other old ass CDs on the periphery.
21 Jenks44 One a few games I call "the best game ever" every time I see it. I haven't gotten around to playing the new unofficial expansion Horn of the Abyss.
32 kosihome I loved that game. It used strategy and was a challenge. The graphics were pretty good for the time, too.
10 Comicbookday Plague! Crap I lost all of my angels.
8 Jaewok I've been seeing a lot of Heroes3 on gaming lately, and it makes me happy
12 SovetskiyGamer Sorry what game?
6 Borderlandsman because of this post i checked the price of it on GOG and it was only 10$ for the complete edition and i got it, my eldest sister was the one who introduced me to this wonderful game, i'm off to play it now
3 I_inform_myself God I love Heros!!!!!!
4 antman1983 Where ma Griffin's at?!
4 Konebred Still a lot of people playing this as I have recently found out. I played 2 waaaay back in the day. Tried 3 but it was "too hard" for me and I was caught up in other games. Recently picked it back up and finally got a little better at understanding the game. Still not great but its been fun. I think it's on sale on
3 GorillaGrey Just doing my civic duty. If you do not have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete, buy it. If you need to replace it, buy it. You can get it on for cheap, digital download, never lose or wear out that disc again. I bought it on sale for like $3 but it's normally $10 I think. I have been playing this game with my best friend since I was 4. I'm 25 and turn 26 in a month. Brand new I think it was $20-30? Talk about a return on investment. And I still play it and haven't beaten everything. Any turn based game fans will not know how they went on living with out it. Literally the best ever thing to exist.
6 MasochosticPinata didn't realize anyone else played this game. miss that shit.
2 Woofborg You should definitely check out the HD mod if you are considering booting it up again: There's also a few great mods that adds new campaigns, maps, factions etc.
2 NOcomedy By the number of comments I have read I conclude that r/gaming needs to get it's shit together and know this game! HOMM3
2 Barrenechea I've never played this. Why was Monday the best day?
2 Feuermond Heroes 4 is where my jam is at.
1 [deleted] I tried playing it again on windows 10 and it just keeps crashing after a couple mins
1 MakeTheWordCum Saw a bunch of these on sale at humble bundle today. Which one is considered the best by todays standards (not by nostalgias)? I remember 3 the most, but I've heard good things about 4 and 6. My try some of that hotseat goodness with the roomies.