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507 Steakbabyy I hope he's sees this Reddit post. I've had friends like this also especially on WoW. I miss every one of them for years and years Edit: take my upvote you love filled bastard, I'm crying
94 wotrucasul Game: Total Miner Forge ~~I think~~
86 MannToots Something many online gamers can relate to. I drink for my lost comrades!
41 ziomatrixx Awww :( I had a friend like this a long time ago in Vanilla WoW. One day she just vanished from everything. The connections we make online are real and I really appreciate the gaming community as a whole.
137 ImPickleRiiicck I'm not crying, you're crying
20 Averat2006 That unfortunately is the shitty side of gaming. It is the modern day equivalent to a pen pal. I have a friend i still chat with on occastion but we had played COD since modern warfare. Nearly every single day. Both got married, had kids. Havent played in almost a year
17 Neknoh I still remember the female Blood Elf Paladin that I ran the steed-quest with, we'd done a few dungeons leading up to 40, and then I asked if he was doing the quest, (I mostly assume MMO players are male) and we did it, we ran it all the way through and got our steeds together. In some old folder from a salvaged hard-drive, I'm even sure I've still got the screenshots. We played together for a bit more after that, eventually I quit. I came back to the game years and years later, and suddenly I saw him, on that same toon, he was just passing by, now a member (and judging by the gear a maintank) of one of that server's best raiding guilds. I gave him a whisper, he did not reply. We cherish different memories, and we forget in different ways, but it did kind of hit me hard.
36 TheColorofRain Looks like it's starting to rain.
13 SuperPrimeVol I used to play City of Heroes when it was still around and I started teaming up with this guy on there and we'd run all the missions and raids together. Find out new builds to try and just have fun. He eventually re-enlisted in the Army and got sent over to Iraq. He made it home safe and we still keep in touch even though we don't play games together anymore. What's pretty funny as well, I met him about the same time I met my wife. It was a tense relationship between them but eventually he told me I need to marry her already cause she's too good for me. I did, and he came to the wedding, is the witness signature on our marriage license. It's crazy how we can connect with people over a game but those friendships can last a lifetime.
10 leiferickson09 A moment of silence for our good old gaming days. We will never forget our offline and online friends/companions that gave us countless hours of fun and good memories
6 Dylz919 Runescape for me, to all the people I used to hang out with in front of varrock castle back in 2007, on w345 (?).. I miss the xp wasting.
10 thebeast5268 Goddamn. That hits the feels good and square.
6 addict-with-a-APP What game is this
6 Waritine Can we please make a post or something for people to comment games or servers or names they had in an attempt to maybe be able to ctrl+f and find someone we knew? It’s insane how many people I’m suddenly remembering spending years online with now but have zero contact for.
3 presten11 I know how you feel. My game was Ultima Online. My friend was Fisherguy. And I miss him and those days so much.
5 TKCerbs I always wonder what happened to all the people I've played with over the years. Some come and go, some stay for a while, and some are with you for years, just to disappear over night after a decade of gaming. Here's to you AK_Bikin. I know you're out there somewhere, but I knew once you had that baby you'd be gone - I just didn't realise it would be forever.
3 Terrible_Truth Reminds me of this copy pasta: > “bad times friend ahead” > “maybe no computer” > “maybe no home” > “I will go way but we are two of soul” > “I will return”
4 3cub Great post! This reminded me of four guys I found 3 years ago whom I played with for hundreds of hours over a winter. I loved them & all the laughs we had really got me through a tough time. One even got close enough to consider me his brother. Then, without telling us, the oldest went on a long vacation with his girlfriend & we didn’t hear from him for a month. Within that month, 2 of them got full time jobs, started university and had girlfriends so they were rarely ever on. It was just that *brother* and I for a while till his shitty laptop finally gave out. Hundreds of hours of friendship came to an abrupt end right there. Life tore us apart I guess and I can’t help but feel left behind since I was the youngest. I really miss those times even though I was going through a rough time back then so when I *do* think of 3 years ago, I remember it negatively. Overlooking the wonderful time I spent with those guys during all that. I’ll try not to overlook that anymore.
5 TwilightNight Yo, thats me! Thank you so much! Yeah I know people can lie easily, but if you do not believe me, but here is proof. [Proof]( Name is also there, my Steam description should say 'Yes, i am TwilightNight from Reddit.' EDIT: [My Steam Profile, in case you can't search the name provided.](