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Modern Warfare 2
A cross stitch that I made for my boyfriend's birthday! Hopefully he likes it!
Remember: Avoid disappointment and Do not pre-order Anthem. Let's vote with our wallets and show EA we will no longer put up with their shit.
The last parking space in town
Computer graphics in 1998 compared to 2018.
"It's over Anakin, I have the high ground"
IQ elite skin
New footage of Red Dead Redemption 2!
Realism in Skyrim
Praise the sun!!!!
King DedeDad
Difficulty Level: Australia
This guy... WTF [Manhunt sick steam]
Poetry on point??
Got everyone together for a family picture!
Good Read
Diablo cosplay before and after
What a great first impression of Monster Hunter World..
First attempt at customizing and painting a controller
Twitch beats out MSNBC and CNN in viewership for January
“In fact, only about 20% of school shooters play video games, compared to about 70% of high school students overall.”
Took gaming to another level
Hearing that developers are working on plugging Fallout 3 into Fallout 4 via mods
Gwent for VR
Remember when these graphics were awesome?
You are suppose to laugh...
Well that's one way to kill someone
I wish someone told this to me back in the day
Pushing for every second
2004 was the best year in gaming.
Russian Ministry of Defence carried mock weapons exhibition, that's what one of cadets made
Take me back...
Just got Fortnite. Where do I drop?
Please do not leave your helicopter unattended
Rate my gaming setup out of 10
[Kingdom Come] I got wasted and decided to fast travel to another town. Passed out and woke up in a tower with a traffic cone...
LPT: If your game crashes/wont close and you can't access the task manager, you can use Ctrl+Win+D to open a secondary desktop in which you will be able to open the task manager and force kill the game. This way you don't have to restart your computer.
Has anyone noticed this might be earth in Witcher 3?
Cassie Cage Cosplay
448 blamebootsy 10/10 photoshop skills. Would click again.
30 FKRMunkiBoi Does anyone have a better quality version of the unedited original?
64 A_Little_Older But... if you go against what the FCC is trying to do with reclassification, then you’re advocating them keeping ownership. Like, why would you want them to retain ownership and also advocate saying “fuck them”?
4 Darty96 "I don't eat babies! With babies it's a little on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. I eat *toddlers*." Edit: Source - Dr. Jan Itor
3 Darclua My name is Michael J. Caboose, and *I EAT BABIES!*
11 Sir_Eyelander Should have used the Heavy instead of the soldier since he's from Soviet Russia.
2 Mundo_Official I need more stuff like this
2 JarrettTheGuy That's a rock fact!
2 Jammyfellow Those bastards!
1 soggybread1_74 No, we just eat berries and mushrooms but some maniac has been killing us
1 matthew349hall Make hose monsters PAI
1 The_Crimson_Fvcker Oh come on, at least TRY the clone tool ffs
1 mugwump4ever Knew it, those monsters
1 WhiteeFisk Gamers are dumb. Just look at how many of you people keep pre-ordering shit games and always get screwed.
1 hurpy_derp needs more jpeg
1 T_Weezy What's the Heavy from TF2 doing here?
1 Listento_DimmuBorgir So the FCC eats babies and thats why we need to put control over internet regulation in their 5 non-elected hands?
-7 IIWhiTeIIHaWkII Why are people making money off you guaranteed to be bad? Does McDonald’s intentionally make shitty fries because they make money off of it? No. They make fries that are the best combination of affordable for the company and also attract as many people as possible. This logic holds true here. Thinking that companies would suddenly say “fuck all of our customers” is stupid. This would just allow them to pass costs along to the heavier data users (Netflix, pornhub etc) instead of how they currently pass it along to us. When people post all the bullshit “you gotta pay $50 for reddit” shit that is stupid and that wouldn’t ever happen. They would have such an insane negative publicity any company in their right mind would know better. And believe it or not they all have PR departments that do know better and that is what they get paid to do. So basically what happens WHEN NN is repealed is that instead of us consumers footing the bill for all of the net traffic upkeep they could pass a portion of those expenses along to the websites that are using the most bandwidth. That would allow one of 3 things to happen: 1. Cost savings for consumers since that cost is being shared by the websites. While you might say “that would never happen” if ISPs weren’t concerned with keeping customers happy and getting more customers they would all be charging $10,000 a month for internet. Economics dictate that the relationship between cost and benefit is inverse. They know that the lower they make their cost the more people will sign up for their plans. So I do think a PORTION of their savings would indeed get passed along as discounts or just flat cheaper plans. 2. They would using the extra money to invest in infrastructure. Again, as a company that is interested in attracting more customers to make more money having a better infrastructure and faster service than your competition is one way to do that. I think that a portion of this extra money would be invested back into the company and expanding service. This would also increase competition and eliminate many of the circumstances of only having one option. If the company that is doing it right sees an opportunity to invade a competing market and steal dissatisfied customers they will. This would force a company with bad business practices to either change or lose customers. 3. They would return this extra income to their stockholders as dividends. We seem to forget that these companies are all for profit. They have people that just invest into them to raise the capital to run these multibillion dollar companies. Rewarding shareholders for investing in the company is not a bad thing. This would also make the industry as a whole much more rewarding for investments and hence you would see more companies enter the market (since funding is now ore prevalent due to the better payoffs for investing into the industry). Again, this would have the effect of rewarding companies that give back to their shareholders(more investments in the future). These investments could then be sunk back into the company to help it grow. Either way, ISPs having more money isn’t a bad thing and pretending they will block or charge extra for sites is just stupid. That cost would be pushed to the originating source, not the end user. Also, this isn’t taking into account that congress will still be looking at updating our internet regulations. The difference is these regulations should come from our elected officials that we get to vote for. Not some FCC panel appointed by god only knows who. While I am sure no one will read this, and most of your options can’t be changed, maybe it will shed some light into the other side of the argument. And do you did read it all thanks. If you didn’t and just downvoted (like I am sure most will) you are part of the problem with America. We should be able to have civil discourse. Good day my friends.