NVG of the Week: Cards Against Humanity
EA fired the original creator of PvZ because he refused to make his game a pay to win
I'm going to hit a motherfucker, with another motherfucker.
If you ignore late fees long enough, they just go away.
Wall Street says we are overreacting and EA should raise prices.
Clicker Heroes sequel drops P2W model for ethical reasons: "We made a lot of money from these players who spent thousands.... We really don't like making money off players who are in denial of their addiction."
[Assassin's Creed Origins] They said this game was violent. I had no idea.
When the enemy sends One Punch Man after you.
Reddit called It......
Remember this intense moment
Bloodborne - Simon's Bowblade
Bidoof is overpowered
In the UK, physical copies of SWBF2 are down 60% compared to SWBF1.
One of my favorite screengrabs of all time [Modded Skyrim]
All the star wars drama as of late sure made me miss this "what if"
“Worry not,” proclaims CD Projekt RED. “When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 — huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for — no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others.”
A new age of mobile gaming
RIP Favorite glass... It was doomed from the start.
I made a dabbing Squidward emblem on COD and I have no regrets
Great deal on Nintendo Switch.
Somone did a great painting this ad.
Can't spell scam without EA
23 years ago today, Donkey Kong Country 1 was released on SNES.
The internet delivers. (Link in comments)
Cleaned the battery acid out of my old gameboy for a road trip with the fam. Turned on pokemon yellow to find that I was stacked!
How to travel on a plane.
Some kid in Nintendo Power magazine came up with the title "Super Mario Galaxy" back in 1991, 16 years before it was released.
So few games use bloom well: Sleeping Dogs is one of them
Well that's one way to train Intelligence
Why it takes me so long to finish a game.
EA takes down Battlefield 2142 community servers
Shout out to one of my Favorite Star Wars games of all time. Shadows of the Empire.
Introduced my dad to Civ VI and a few hours later, his hand written list gave me nostalgia for older games
Trying to give it away......
When the Weather is Toying With You [Breath of the Wild]
My last day working with a first grader with Asperger's and ELD. I'm gonna miss this kid.
EA didn't put in P2W overnight, it's been creeping up - but not enough people spoke out
These Awesome Game Tables
Brütal Legend is free on Humble Bundle
Skyrim at the pub. We live in a wonderful time.
Paris is a weird place...
48 No_Nosferatu My child could never stand up to the races (ironic seeing as how it was raised by sonic the god damn hedgehog) but by George that chao could roundhouse kick other chaos out of the arena. I miss him.
14 JokeSportGuy I can still hear the "Ooo Ooooo" sound they constantly made.
50 hraycroft95 Ahhh this was one of favorite things as a kid.. going back to the game though I gotta say it didn't hold up very well
11 breadandfaxes I miss Chao Gardens :'( Sega should make a Chao Garden mobile game where we can raise Chao and race them and stuff like you could in SA2.
9 inznayz i dont think i ever even beat the game , too consumed with chao word and getting the ultimate evolutions or whatever they were called. only got one though :( . thanks for the nostalgia though!
7 Seankps I loved that you could take them with you on the VMU
8 badgerdev I remember this game looking better. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug
5 TriceratopsHunter What about the part where you race the kids and enter them into the pageant circuit?
4 Redmaa Am I the only one who never used animals outside of the ones who never altered their appearance? I always used the little cells that the robots dropped and had one of each kind of them, swimming, strength, speed, etc. Fuck man I'm gonna have to go play this again.
3 Jimmyjame1 i miss this game way too much. and im not talking about the sonic game. that was just a means to get new chao
2 Slingblade1170 Man I miss this game. I still got my memory card with all my chaos. I really hope to see this released on the switch so I can have my portable chao garden.
2 priteeboy I remember trying to get the ultimate good/evil/neutral Chao but after a while I decided life's too short for this shit and I just wanted to get back to paying the game. I did raise some enough to win all the race and battle events though since I was determined to get all the emblems to 100% the game. It was pretty fun seeing the different variations they went through but damn I wasted hours trying to feed the damn things just to get their stamina up enough for them to actually have a chance at winning the races and battles. Still have my Shadow-like dark Chao called "Roxy" on my memory card, I'm sure of it.
2 AngryTurtleGaming I remember throwing my Chaos around and then running up to them and petting them
1 Arxilla My childhood. God I feel old.
1 Moorebetter Ba dum tiss
1 JohnDeen What we think, we become.
1 itsme0 Does this game have online capabilities? I'd love making a cool choa and facing random people online... Well i'd probably enjoy playing friends mroe than randoms, but whatever.
1 aqualad213 Spent so many hours on them. Maxing out theirs stats. Using the glitch to reuse the animals over and over
1 ev-dawg This game gave me seizures
1 Stevie22wonder The old school chao garden posts are alive as of late. Yes....
1 ASpaceWorm I spent so much money on CR2032 batteries for these fuckers back in the day.