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Ran teleprompter for the DICE Awards last night. This was my favorite joke of the show.
The Pokémon Company are running out of ideas.
Where we dropping Mrs. Frizzle?
The only way to play
I'm still having nightmares because of this
You smell that? I smell some bullshit. Fuck Konami. Also still new to reddit if I fucked up I'm sorry.
Just a friendly reminder: EA has completely recovered from the nation-wide revolt over Starwars' "pay-for-Vader" money-grabbing fiasco. Related: EA's value has continued to grow 50% EVERY year for the past 5 years (10x from $17 to $126). Something tells me things aren't going to change at EA.
Two years ago today, I woke up from my indoctrination of a destructive Christian doomsday cult. I have lost all of my friends and most of my family as the result, but I have made so many new friends and family in the gaming culture. Something I was not allowed to do while still a member.
Violent video games actually reduces violence amongst children
Luigi picked these balloons carefully I think! (Credit: Nintendolife)
3 months ago my fiance dumped me and stole my gaming computer and my entire setup, as well as kicked me out on my ass with no money or job. It might not seem like it but buying this bad boy is both a symbol of my recovery, and the start of my gaming again and I'm so proud of it.
It be like that sometimes
My brother got my son Halo 3 for Christmas. When I got home, he grabbed me by the hand and rushed me upstairs to show me that he finished the game. I’ve never been so proud *wipes tear*
The game I think we all want to play..
XCOM in a nutshell
A perfectly legal goal
Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Cosplay
? Vengeful Motorbike ?
Times change
When you prepare for a long trip
Well shit [GTA5]
52 year old Dark Souls player streaming and drunkenly ranting about his dog who's on camera in the background
San Andreas felt a lot bigger back then
It’s called a Roleplaying Game for a reason.
Be careful what you wish for [overwatch ,zenyatta]
35-year-old Gamestop employee starter pack
Disgusting... (Kingdom Come: Deliverance)
Sneaking in a quick snack
When moving, always remember to first pack your essentials
Ancient Link Was Overpowered
Football simulation?
The real reason politicians have restarted their attack on video games...
I one-up your pip boy watch
I just skydove all day
When your plan works too perfectly!
XBox's amazing stance on why digital versions of games are twice the amount of money of the disc versions...
Every GameStop deal
Now I understand why they call her Princess Peach ??
92 TheInnman Very cool, love that 3d effect
29 ShakenNotStirred915 Careful with that ancient arrow! They're very expensive!
9 skootchtheclock What did you use to draw this? My brother is into drawing and I'd like to get him some supplies for his birthday.
5 jtn2k Awesome painting of zelda from smash bros allstars!
3 NilocStros55 This is so cool. Well done
2 goddamitnarwhale ITS ALIVE RUN
2 ReMaxius Those are some expensive arrows. Probably his last one.
2 eneRt This is amazing, spotted 3 of your art works in 2 days for some reason and now I’m a fan. Love your work!
2 DaCydia I really like this, I would pay to have the skills and patience to do this type of thing, too bad that won't happen lol.
1 vitalyalya Awesome! I'd like to draw one for myself, but my hands grow from the ass :(
1 snakeyblakey I love it, but uhh,can anyone make that right hand make sense to me? 1. Item 2. Item
1 BrackAttack I like the white boarder. 2 cents
1 SomeCallMeHappy Amazing drawing!
1 Grizkald More like Breathtaking of the Wild
1 CommanderVillain Couldn’t stay inside the paper, huh.
1 braxford Gosh darn it do I love this game. I played through it all the way, starting March 3. of last year and ending in like June. Yeah, took me that long. I didn't even bother to do everything, as I'm not a completionist, but I did thoroughly enjoy my time in Hyrule. After Mario + Rabbids, Stardew Valley, Sonic, Mario Odyssey and MK8 Deluxe I finally yearned to return to Hyrule. I created a separate account on the home screen so that I could enter the game all over again...fresh. Just this morning I played through the Zoras temple, thus defeating the first Divine Beast, Ruta. Then I just go where the flow takes me and I don't worry about where I end up. I can't stress enough how liberating it is to have a game that's so open-ended for the player. I'm going to tackle the rest of the Divine Beasts in a different way than my first time around, and just that notion alone has me giddy. Great job OP.
1 NawstyAussie Talent
1 zkoch01 This is awesome. Good job.
1 Cjm1261 I’ll get a facebook ad with a T-shirt and this drawing on it in a week. Awesome BTW
1 Rokuwhitefox Awesome!!!
1 Inferior_Jeans Zelda is the best
1 StormyDriver very nice
1 masscreed How the hell do you get that pen to work, all of mine spurt out like 30 seconds worth and then nothing
1 banmeimultiplyXXXX Jesus that is not arrowdynamic
1 solarus44 This is on a shirt I own
1 avengeddisciple Can I *please* have this in a 4 foot version!?!