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The dutch government will be giving 4 big developers 8 weeks to remove loot box gambling systems from their games, otherwise they have the risk of getting a fine and their game of the shelves in Dutch physical and online stores.
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( ?° ?? ?°)
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You can't have both
Basically how I see choices in most games
Poor Goat
104 ComplexPriestess A fond childhood memory of mine involves this game. I was home sick from school and lucky enough to be laying on the couch playing video games. There I was, getting frustrated trying to collect all of the silver coins on Greenwood Village. My mom - not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but a brilliant lady - sat on the couch with me and helped me strategize and optimize my route with each attempt. I'll never forget it. Everything about that game was amazing. Wizpig can eat a bag of dicks, though.
61 imsageson I loved the game although the Wizpig race was a crock of shit, it was my first experience with rage quitting.
103 ledivin TBH, I think my friends and I played this more than Mario Kart.
20 Krawcu222 The moment that you think you completed the game but then you have to complete it again with collecting all the fucking nintendo tokens and first place to get the baloon from elephant djinn
18 Phuqitol It was very popular in my family. Tiptup's mah boy.
16 brainfraud The multiplayer battles type were way cooler than Mario Kart, collect bananas, eggs, ect. There was an ice arena, a castle arena, a water stage and the egg stage pictured above.
30 Boyahda No no no, wrong way!
12 o0_bobbo_0o Definitely one of the most difficult games I have ever beaten. Not sure how I did that in the 4th grade, but I am certain that I would not be able to complete it again.
10 SmashThatButton Two words: Joint Venture. I miss this game.
18 FoxScully420 I used to play it all the time such a fun game.
8 Mcgruffles I freaking love this game. I was so happy to see Conker and Banjo in there. Cept I played with the little mouse everytime. I'll admit, wizpig was a cheater cheater pumpkin eater. But that game was a great challenge, and I had so much fun finding all the coins, and unlocking drumstick and T.T and doing all the time trails. And the music was amazing too. It's definitely a game that needs a remake or a sequel or something. Also the Genie coming down after every first victory and giving me a balloon was the best feeling ever. ''This is for you''
7 sumdonkuskid Hell yeah, just this image will get that music stuck in my head for a couple months!
7 EmperorKira Love this game. Possibly bettwr than Mario kart 64, at least playing on your own.
7 ObiWanSkeenobi Still and always will be the greatest racing game ever made. I still play it at least twice a year on my emulators. Wizzpig will always be the og boss of video games. Stupid cheating ass pig
14 gingerpickled I got my first N64 as a kid and this game came with it. Was a little disappointed it wasn't Mario kart at first. But as soon as I played a couple races I forgot all about Mario Kart.
15 TheMaskedMagician Loved this game as a kid. Actually preferred it to mario cart.
5 OriginalPaperSock It does by those who play it. Doesn't need advertising, I guess. But it deserves it!
6 foam1 Great game, I can still remember the music!
5 Nexo42 It's a great game, though I think people don't mention it because "it's not a classic like Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time!" It had issues, like the boss races, but it was a lot of fun.
5 heretoplay Less people bought it but still a great game. Had a lot of character having an open exploreable world and all that
4 xCaptainVictory #IM DRUMSTICK!!!!
7 eyes_open_23 I miss this game a lot. I actually think about it quite often.
9 Jumbo_Cactaur now *this* is Kong racing..
5 MileHighMagik Oh this game was so lit!
3 0rganicMatter I own this game and you made me want to pop it in and play it lol