Guerrilla games congratulates Santa Monica on the release of God of war with this artwork
God of War's director, Cory Barlog, reacting to the high review scores for the game
I got a cardboard box in the mail today, but there was just more cardboard inside.
Two very angry dudes fighting some other weird dudes [God of Doom]
guess I'll die
Kratos sold me today his game
What the Fallout 5 cover art will look like
Im looking at you Valve...
Well, will you?
Kratos aged like a fine wine.
Wife and kids leave for weekend soccer tournament... this is what I come home to...
Taking the perfect photograph in GTA V
Another stunning prediction from the simpsons.
Inside cover art of Doom vs. God of War
A hip church trying to relate to the youths.
Kratos smiling with a seegull
Kratos is the cover model for this month’s edition of Men’s Health magazine
The runes from the ‘God of War’ Collectors Edition translated.
This is League of Legends
Can’t wait for the husband to come home and see this!
I was visiting family back home and decided to bring my Switch, my little cousin was the very first to notice it. I let him borrow it the entire time I was there. Knowing how tough times are back home, it was with a huge and heavy heart that I gave my prized possession away.
I streamed God of War as Kratos. My wife done all the make up. What do you think?
The great graphics card return has started
Visiting parents for the weekend. Found my gameboy. Surprisingly Red is the only game in which the save file was still working: my 13 year old poke team.
Say what you will about Battlefront II, the new Ewok Hunt game mode is really fun. It makes Ewoks terrifying.
One of my favorite screenshots. Yes I’m the black car.
God of War is so dedicated to a continuous shot that it doesn't even have a loading screen after you start the game from the menu
I love games where it says “press start” to open, and you press X by accident and the games like “ah fuck close enough” and fires up the game anyways.
Draugr Deathlord Cosplay
Evil Dead/Doom mash-up by Lordigan (Deviantart)
Hopefully I don't have to update this soon..
Photo mode is coming for God Of War
Good Guy Sony Santa Monica
I made a generic video-game title generator
Luck Stats Maxed
Pokemon Black and White Hilda cosplay
All aboard!
The first God of War in a nutshell [x-post /r/TwoBestFriendsPlay]
[Far Cry 5] Coming in with the assist
You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?
74 Forbidden_Jester That giant sent kratos back to God Of War 2 damn.
20 Chaosplayer So many awesome games to look forward to on the Ps4 this year! I'll be getting monster hunter in a couple of weeks to start of my year.
21 bajsgreger Looks very Sony. Very scripted, very linear, good graphics and probably a great story. Sad to say I'm over these kind of games now. I'll probably just watch the cutscenes on youtube and feel satisfied.
28 3r2s4A4q i don't like the close-up camera and the fact you can't jump. so much of god of war was about the aerial game, big environments, and complex 3D puzzles. this is going to end up like any other boring 3rd person action game.
3 TomClancy5871 As long as they dont have a cerberus/Scythe fuckers level, then we're good
3 Plzbanmebrony I recently played the first 2 god of war games. I am not really all that into this new god of war. The gameplay is just so different now.
6 udenizc Welcome to 2018 where every game is Dark Souls
5 whatevernuke I hadn't played the old GoW's, but I was kind of looking forward to playing a new spectacle fighter... but it looks like they've ripped that out of the game. Kind of disappointed.
2 nolesjs07 It looks alright. Since they took away the jump button and Kratos can now have a shield and weapon that can be customized I guess they are going for a dark souls combat feel and the cinematic feel of the new tomb raider games. I'm all for change because it was exactly what Assassins Creed needed. I'll probably rent it first to see how it plays. I also read that the game will have optional boss fights the same as dark souls so I don't think it will be completely linear. Probably have a wide open arena areas you can explore.
2 jarjar190 Psycho mantis?
1 iusedtocutthegrass Any release date info?
1 i_eat_ass_232323 looking good it's to be expected of a god of war game, i'm just sad it looks like a completely new game series gameplay-wise and honestly not as fun as god of war 3 was.