3080 CrimsonPig As a Wings fan I wish there was some way to draft this kid for next season.
6721 gordoman2 Proud big brother
1509 stevechops judging by the height of that fence, dad’s seen that shit go south too many damned times already.
5840 Marmite_Badger I once threw both my socks at the hamper... *And they both went in.*
116 silk_mitts_top_titts Woo woo Kenny Wu
246 CrackerGuy Gretzky would have passed off to the slot
511 Nolimitz30 Can we talk about the upper level Dad skilled involved with creating a skating slab like that? Is that just a deck with tarps on it?
9956 kayjay25 Hockey is such a great sport that teaches so many life lessons. My daughter plays hockey, and a couple games ago she had a moment that made me prouder than I've ever been. A kid on the other team went down and he was having trouble getting up. His teammates and the refs skated right by him but when my daughter noticed him, she skated over and extended her hand. When he reached up for her she pulled her hand away and sliced his throat with her skate. He bled out right there on the ice. We won 3-2 in OT.
337 buttersack More like the next Baryshnikov and Brian Boitano...
126 rwilly More like the OG [Mike Legg](https://youtu.be/EhRT9xlPMJM)
52 popcan2 "you miss 100% of the twirls you don't take." - Albert Gretzky Einstien.