424 sportsworker777 Liar Liar has to be one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies
46 DaintyTaint Who is THAT zen when the Jenga tower crashes?
58 Detour180 r/breathinginformation
18 southwest40x4 Came to see if r/breathinginformation or r/whyweretheyfilming was winning.
60 [deleted] [removed]
41 DiamondPickle Looks fake
7 Fever_twitchtv r/WhyWereTheyFilming
10 finisheddit Barb is alive!!
4 mini_thins *Oooh, Billyyyyy*
3 flabsatron "fletcher!"
3 beytrod The way she holds that log looks fake af
3 the_dude_upvotes /r/noisygifs
2 austinsev Should have used the claw
2 DJYogiBear /r/untrustworthypoptarts
2 Subverto_ Playing Jenga with a stemmed wine glass on the playing surface is exactly how you break stemmed wine glasses.
2 Cichlidsaremyjam A casual night of Jenga and Liar Liar. I dont hate it.
2 hedgehoagies r/nevertellmetheodds
2 FallenWarrior2k For a second I thought one of the bricks fell into the drink of the off-screen person