292 BeardedManatee The more clips I see of kids around sugar, the more I feel like sugar is essentially infant heroin.
79 Dirty_Bandaid Repeated deception but never any loss of hope
118 Joks_away That kid is probably going to be in charge of choosing your retirement home; you're fucked.
21 Bierp "Hey, who pooped on my pillow?" -Dad
95 bomphcheese Me ... When my wife walks around all evening in her shorty shorts.
86 Surtock You're just a little bit of a dick.
9 young_skywalk3r Plot twist - in 50 years, the tables will be turned...
15 MrAdhikari Good thing Dad’s teaching him about disappointment now...
21 Str8up_talk Trust issues un 3..2...
21 havereddit Dad's doing a marvelous job of preparing his kid for a lifetime of disappointment
15 RedIIv I love how it looks like the baby chews as if he had in fact gotten the bite of ice cream. So adorable!
4 Squadobot9000 Once is funny, but an infinite loop is just mean
4 hc84 It seems kinda mean, but babies should not be eating that.
4 eye_no_nuttin Dad doing a perfect Homer Simpson impression!! That is exactly the kind of teasing we would expect ..