12 Shiba-Shiba The others looking on to see how its done...
9 carmen-2 I have never seen! First glance thought a flower.
7 HowDamnOriginal Why the color change?
6 AWhaleGoneMad I just want to leave these here for people who might not know about them but love this stuff: rOctopus r/OctopusPics r/Octopi r/ Cephalopods
5 Duroktar Amazing isn't it? In comparison, my son turns 1 in a few days and he still gets stuck in corners.
3 Eyevanx Freeeeeedom! /plebs
3 santosomartin mommy, can i come out and play?
2 repost_police_911 The footage itself may be rare, but it was reposted countless times already
2 nocontroll That looks like real life pixar footage
2 UsernameChecksOut__ Player 4 has entered the game
2 BeesSolveEverything Way to go, little guy. Go have some adventures. :)
2 Cindernubblebutt (Frosty the Snowman's voice) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!