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156 Peeka789 Vin is not gonna be happy about that. Why do any of these characters deserve spinoffs anyway? They are all one dimensions and spout cheesy one liners. They work great as a group and would be a disaster solo.
84 rattatally Why not make a Calvin and Hobbes movie instead?
32 Ch3wb3ard If they don't call it Nein Fuherious and set it in Germany, I'm gonna be Fuherious!
19 heykarlll Never forget Han
16 HearTheEkko If its not Hobbs and Deckard, I don't see the point. Hobbs isn't that interesting as a character and the only reason he became a main protagonist of the series was because of Dwayne. If they had a B list actor behind the role, they probably would've write Hobbs off by the 6th movie.
8 mvs2527 Do fast & furious fans care when these movies are released? I really dont. If the movie comes out in 2 or 10 years I will be there...
8 jrose6717 One last ride
13 delightfuldinosaur Hobbs has no character...he is literally The Rock. So this will just be a generic Rock action movie
6 FairWarning7102 I like the series, but I don't want to see a stand-alone movie with any of the characters. The chemistry between the cast is part of the reason they work.
3 Vgatv Hell at this point I want to see Crank 3 with The Rock and Statham
5 whatsausernamefor I like the Rock. I like Hobbs. But two hours of just Hobbs sounds boring. Actually, a spin off of any of the F & F gang sounds boring. They work as a group. It's entertaining when we get small doses of them interacting with each other. But on their own, it'll get boring real fast. Dom is too serious and constipated looking. Letty has no sense of humour. Hobbs is cheesy as fuck. Roman is useless. Can't remember anyone else's name. Paul Walker might've been able to pull a decent solo movie if they had made it about him trying to live a normal family life after fast 7 and him failing in humourus ways.
5 JeffDenlon Sounds like Tyrese is just jealous that The Rock would rather go his own path then work with a group of people he doesn't like. And good for him. Vin Diesel was the least interesting part of Fate of the Furious. Also Tyrese, Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez were barely memorable. The movie was only as good as it was because of The Rock and Jason Statham. Their chemistry was great, the prison escape sequence with the two of them was the best part of the movie followed by Statham trying to save Dom's kid on the plane. At this point I'd rather only see a spin off movie with Hobbs and Shaw teaming up than any see anything with the rest of the cast. The Rock may not be the original star of the series, but he is the biggest movie star in the cast. They wouldn't want to lose him at the expense of their own franchise. I'm guessing Tyrese is just sour because he doesn't have a role in the spin off.
8 marvinscorsese how about they delay it forever
2 Malcolm_GO I don't care if these movies are no longer about racing, are outlandish and make no sense... I want them to keep making them and somehow keep making them more and more grandiose. Never forget Han!
2 Choco316 I love this franchise, but this is a mistake. Vin is going to be furious, and he's going to do something fast
2 C-hound I don't get why it has to be a spinoff. There is zero depth to that character. He's just a meathead cop. They can give him any back story they want.