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232 slicshuter Frankly if they mention they're adapting the story from CoD 4 or Black Ops I might actually be interested. Personally I've always thought CoD 4 could make a decent action/war film - it explores various sides of the conflict, has a mix of wild action, tense stealth and epic moments etc. and some of the characters are actually pretty likeable. I mean it's most likely gonna be shit, but if the story is based off 4 or Black Ops it could actually be ok if there's good writers.
97 zortor "WE ARE LEAVING"
35 dvorahtheexplorer A film for Sam Worthington to retake his role?
129 donsanedrin When I played through Modern Warfare 2, I kept on thinking how this was absolutely primed to be a Michael Bay blockbuster. The scene of those American soldiers at the capital who get saved at the last second because of an nuclear blast occurring in the upper atmosphere causing an EMP to disable all Russian aircraft, and they are running through the streets looking for cover as helicopters drop out of the sky. If you're going to spend $150 million on an expensive action movie, put the money into some creative over-the-top action sequences like that.
64 OldMatt Along with the tie-in “Call of Duty The Movie: The Video Game.”
29 bananaboi69 With a short film about COD zombies
8 poo_and_pee Guys this might turn out alright. Gomorrah la serie is incredible
8 bucknutz18 *Opening credits rolling* "50,000 people used to live here.... Now it's a ghost town."
27 InformalHole Oddly, I would want to see Michael Bay do this. 13 Hours was pretty good. Add on 400 more explosions and you get Call of Duty.
14 Delta_Assault That’s a shame, getting Michael Bay to direct would’ve been interesting, in a seeing-an-ouroboros sort of way.
5 Tellsyouajoke Just two hours of a soldier being ordered to do increasingly impossible stuff. Starts with him running through the shooting range “Switch to your other weapon! It’s faster than reloading.” And ending with “Ramirez! Take down that chopper with your knife!”
21 intellifone MW2 definitely has an aesthetic that reminds me of Sicario. It's definitely a good pairing.
5 Einhander_mk2 “There’s no way! My career isn’t ready for that kind of gamble...wait, how much money?”
5 Turok1134 Been hoping for a CoD movie for a while. Sure, there's tons of war flicks, but nothing on the scale of the Modern Warfare series. Would be dope to see the trilogy adapted as a series of films.
5 HouseBlackfyre This is about to be the most bland, vanilla action movie of all time.