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57 FizzyDragon This is so dumb but I used to watch Touched by an Angel every day after school one year. I was sixteen, had just moved across the country because my mom wanted to, never made friends that whole year... not religious at all, basically atheist by then, but that show was like some kind of comfort I guess. She was a TV grandma for me.
18 frecklefactor I'm going to watch Harlem Nights in her honor... Rest In Peace.
11 polishprince76 [Vera from Harlem Nights]( is one of the funniest characters ever put on film, IMO. Reese always played such wholesome characters, this was a real departure for her and she did it brilliantly.
4 curious3george I confess I never heard of this film. Looks like I'm adding it to the list.
8 evenios aww now she shall become a real Angel :-(
5 dswind Promoted to real angel. Rest In Peace lady
3 Piccleman When you walk...
5 [deleted] [deleted]
5 djangoman2k Rule of 3 is in play. Charles Manson, Della Reese, and probably David Crosby soon
2 AndalusianGod I still remember the tune of Touched by an Angel's intro after all these years.
2 enterthedragynn Oh.... now you gonna shoot me in my pinky toe!
2 RaunchyGivenchy I'll always remember her from That's So Raven.
2 SheilaMichele1971 After I heard this news I made my bf was the "He shot my pinky toe" scene from Harlem Nights! Now he wants to watch it!
1 Cinemaphreak IIRC Reese had them schedule her work days on *Touched* so she only worked a few days each week so she could fly home to preach at her church. This was after the show had been on the air for a few seasons. It caused a lot of headaches for the production, but they did it. When it came time for salary increases, hers was the smallest or non-existant because of all these considerations. She got mad and played the race card. Have thought of her as an ungrateful asshole ever since.
1 plagues138 Guilty until proven innocent once again. Do we have any proof the angel touched her? Or is she just accusing with nothing to back it up?
1 GetOutTheWhey Rest In Peace