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44 GentlemanGearGrinder Mother of God. This movie has been insanely influential to me. I saw it's (in retrospect, bad) orignal English dub "Warriors of the Wind" when I was a kid. It was easily one of my favorite childhood films, and I feel in love with it even more after watching the later, truer dub. Easily one of my top 10. I don't give two shits what bills I'm late on, I'm putting my ass in a seat. Edit: typo
33 strangermouse This was one of my favorite movies until I read the source material and realized that the movie represents only the first 1/3 of the story. The movie is still great, but the story as it continues from there is so much more powerful.
16 georgesmileyface And [The Castle of Cagliostro]( is playing on the 14th and 19th.
6 SolomonBlack Fun Trivia: The dub cast of this movie features Patrick Stewart, Mark Hamill, and Edward James Olmos. Interesting little meta sci-fi intersection there.
3 logicalnoise I have the blu-ray and it's gorgeous. Probably won't go to see it on the big screen but I recommend it.
5 Fingulas This is one of my Son's favorite movies and they have it playing just 3 exits down the road. I'll see you there!
5 Pedro645 Beautiful, epic film. I saw it as a child and I never forgot the film. The ending spoke to my soul. I got to see it again after buying the DVD and it was just as rewarding as it was when I saw it as a child. I would love to see it in a big screen. Unfortunately I don't live in America so I'll settle in watching the film again and again on my Television.
3 [deleted] Hell yeah there's a theater 10 minutes from me playing this. This was my first Miyazaki film (saw it when I was ~10) and it has remained at the top after multiple viewings. I'm buying my ticket right now.
3 MrEmouse Looks like a mashup of Laputa's world, with Mononoke's moral story.
5 tta2013 It's funny that I watched this first before I read the Odyssey. It was then I learned how Miyazaki interpreted the Odyssey to make this. Plus, given all the environmental issues, climate change, and the Paris Accords, I think this is a good watch now that the world is about to or my have already passed that point.
2 allwaysnice I took my little cousin to see Castle in the Sky last month, but I don't think I'll bring him to Nausicaä. Too much story I think. Not even sure if he really liked Laputa or just liked being out with me. (also the little mini cartoons in the beginning had me worried it'd confuse him thinking that was the movie!) But Spirited Away next month? Totally.
2 skysailer of course not in europe. can you guys lend me some of your freedom?
1 Usernamethx9000 I've seen it twice on the big screen and will happily see it again.
1 rickglue RAN, RAN RA RA RA, RAN RAN
1 robak69 Seen it. Liked it.
1 BrotherJayne Awww, if I want to see it sub'd, I'd have to go on a monday night Welp, dern.
1 Banelingz I'm so fucking happy I'm in NY. This is my favorite Ghibli film, never thought I'd get a chance to see it on the big screen.
1 Venusaurus_Rex I saw Castle in the Sky last month. Really looking forward to this one too.
1 magicinspector Thanks for reminding me. I really want to check this out.
1 themightytouch Such a classic movie!
1 fireflyry Recently rewatched this after a dream where it brought back memories of watching it as a kid. Took a while to track down and remember what it was called but well worth it. Great movie.
1 Airsh Oh look. Another special showing movie that won't be local for me... My Cinemark only cared for that Pokemon limited showing a while back.
1 DukeSpaghetti I bought a ticket months ago
1 TheRealJdigz Just seen this one for the first time a month ago and I've watched it atleast 10 times since I love it
1 demetriustherooster My favorite film