Box Office Week: Justice League opens to disasterous $96M at #1, $70M less than than the opening of Batman v Superman and the worst DCEU opening ever. Meanwhile, Wonder surprises with an excellent $27M opening at #2 while The Star has the worst opening ever for a Sony animated film at #6 with $10M.
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, a severely overlooked movie from my childhood, featuring an amazing score by Hans Zimmer.
387 sherbetpics Let's just face it - the rules for the amount of writers on a film are just odd. I think it was screenwriter John August who said that a caterer could work on a film for one day and get a credit but a writer who worked on the film for a year often ends up with nothing. I think it's time to add an additional credit for any contributing writers - it seems unfair to leave them off entirely. Maybe they don't receive residuals like the regular writers but at least their efforts would be recognised!
43 dating_derp > "In order to heighten the importance of credit, and reduce the perception that screenwriters can be swapped in and out like sparkplugs, the WGA’s own members have adopted rules that limit “Story by” screen credit to two writers or teams" > "... the guild in its early years fought ferociously for the right to determine credit, in order to prevent studio practices that at one time involved gratuitously doling out writing credit to moguls’ paramours or favored writers." edit: Personally, I don't like the limit of 2. If there's 4 writer's and they each contribute 30 pages written independently, it's wrong for only 2 of them to get the credit.
45 NI-Gunner Never ceases to amaze me how the most important job in the industry is where people get shafted the most. Writer's need to band together to get this shit sorted out because as it is they're accepting being treated like the shit at the bottom of Hollywood's shoe, yet there'd be no 'Hollywood' without screenwriters. Crazy!
202 aYearOfPrompts >(Full disclosure: this reporter was an associate counsel at the WGA in the early 1990s and served as advisory counsel to several PRBs.) No shit? You could taste the bias in this article long before getting to the buried disclaimer.
5 ChickenPromNight Writers have absolutely been the most shit-upon major film contributors for years and it's only getting worse. Studios think plots and characters are just placeholders for western tropes at this point, so they're wholly uninterested in allowing the story to affect anything, and by extension the writers.
47 [deleted] [deleted]
8 elljawa >In order to heighten the importance of credit, and reduce the perception that screenwriters can be swapped in and out like sparkplugs, the WGA’s own members have adopted rules that limit “Story by” screen credit to two writers or teams, and that guarantee at least shared "Story by" credit to the first writer or team (Kyle & Yost) on an original screenplay. So this was agreed upon by the guild members. The rule sucks, but still...
4 pepsi_skywalker The politics surrounding movie credits in general is pretty screwed. I worked on Transformers 5 at two different companies and wasn't credited.