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84 Dallywack3r "Controversial Blogger" or "Slimy piece of shit"? Edit: Context
108 insert_name_here Fuck Devin Faraci. He's the epitome of the guy who passes themselves off as some "woke feminist" when all he really wants is to get laid. Piece of shit.
74 nevernude4lyfe For those not familiar with Devin, to summarize: 1. Devin and Tim start Badass Digest, a site which Devin is in charge of. 2. The site builds up a cult following, in part because the writing staff was excellent and in part because Devin's brand of smarter than average hot take click baiting brings eyes. 3. Gamergate happens and Devin shifts into super woke feminist bro mode, aggressively fighting the good fight for women being harassed by jerks online everywhere. 4. During a presidential debate, Devin calls out Trump and in turn gets called out for sexual harassing a friend at a bar in his past days. He promptly apologizes, re-signs and disappears off the internet. 5. Shit hits the fan and a ton of people from Devin's CHUD days come out of the woodwork to attest to him being an asshole creep with a Napoleon complex who everyone seemed to hate. Summary: Former NYC internet troll moves west and tries to start a new identity as a woke LA film reviewer only to have his pussy grabbing past catch up with him.
42 dicknixon2016 >The former Drafthouse programmer adds that he was once censured for "publicly calling out" Faraci on Facebook for an essay defending Woody Allen in the wake of daughter Dylan Farrow's 2014 essay in The New York Times accusing her father of molesting her at a young age. >"I was censured by the Alamo and had to sign a letter acknowledging that if I made criticisms like that in the future it would be grounds for dismissal. These sorts of issues were meant to be addressed internally," he says. terribly scummy
13 offshore33 Looks like Devin Faraci has permanently resigned.
31 MentalloMystery Some of Faraci's articles that I've read have shown a legitimate and impressive knowledge of film, but seeing him regularly curse people out on Twitter or act like a smug, entitled prick to a variety of people goes to show what an asshole he is. I don't see why anyone in the film community would look to this loudmouth as a representative. In the vein of the AICN, he's helped popularize the notion of film criticism as a lowbrow geeky gateway that attracts much of the common denominator. And this is without even considering the recent sexual assault allegations. I'd assume League is a friend of Faraci who's trying to help him out, but certainly not a wise move professionally.
10 Pod-People-Person Why on earth would League even bother hiring this guy after the shit he pulled?
4 JohnTyler-Flounder Can't blame him.
3 DuckHuntDog1986 Faracci is a good writer but his social media antics and his history of being a creep has turned me off of his writing or ever hearing from him again. His hit piece on Angry Game Nerd's video over why he wasn't going to review the 2016 Ghostbusters (which probably was a bad to time to release that video with everyone fighting over it), really angered me. James Rolfe has never shown himself to be a woman hater like Farcci tried to make him out to be.
-10 kidokidokidkid While Faraci is a slimy piece of shit (he was always a douchey ideologue but the sexual harassment claims just put him over the edge) people calling for him to be blackballed is a little stupid. I mean most liberals are all about rehabilitating criminals and re-integrating them into society: how is he supposed to "reform" if he can't work? Let him work behind the scenes. If you really don't like it then don't give your cash to the company. That's within your rights. But don't try to start an online witch hunt unless there's clear evidence that the man is continuing to commit crimes.