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100 murphmeister75 It's depressing to see how many times the phrase "Oscar bait" is used in the comments here. This is a film from one of cinema's greatest living directors, starring two of the most lauded actors working today, concerning themes which are very relevant - freedom of the press and a government's failure to serve its people adequately.
13 atrf1788 Nice cast.
55 Netwinn The trailer I've seen makes this look Oscar-baity as fuck, but I'm totally going to see this.
31 duhhdoy Huge Spielberg fan, the trailer for this movie looked kinda bad.
3 zer0soldier I'd bet that the movie will be pretty damned good, but the trailer house he used for this one is just wrong. Don't sell me on the "drama", sell me on the reality of the story.
5 Film27 Here's anther example, public complains there is not enough original movies and too many comic book films, original film comes out and is in the running for a Academy Award nomination. What do they do they go and see a comic book movie while calling the original movie oscar bait and pretentious. lol
2 suarezj9 Looks boring but I thought the same when I saw the trailers for bride of spies and that was my favorite movie of the year that year
2 tomservo88 Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea this even existed. I just assumed he had his hands busy with Ready Player One.
2 Film27 People today always call movies pretentious or Oscar bait, which is funny because those same people probably only watch super hero movies.
2 navjot94 Looked like a typical Oscar-bait movie to me but then Bob Odenkirk showed up. I'm gonna make sure to check it out just because of him.
1 riversidewren The cast definitely feels like an Oscar Bait kind of movie especially with its release date, but I'm really excited because the story of the Pentagon Papers should be interesting and definitely warrants its own movie, not even including how relevant it is today.
1 xvalicx Whether it's Oscar bait or not, it looks like a movie that will tell an interesting story I doubt know a lot about with an incredibly strong ensemble cast.
0 Enty_Jay Hollywood Establishment gotta establish.
0 Film27 I heard Justice League is up for an Academy Award. lol