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310 TakedownCorn I really wonder how much room the studio will give the director/writers now that the movie is a HUGE success. It would be great to see some of the more obscure ideas in the novel translated into film, but I'm sure the studio doesn't want to completely alienate audiences who have never read the novel and make it feel like the movie is jumping the shark with an ancient turtle who saves the day
154 0borowatabinost It's turtle time.
89 fungobat I'm honestly worried about the second film. I loved chapter 1 - so good. They really captured the spirit of IT. The kids were perfect. But the adults? That will be a huge challenge. I want it to work. So please, take your time. Do not rush the sequel.
152 The_Silent_Dogwood I might be the biggest idiot around, but only after reading this article did I realise that the film is set 30 years later than what the book describes (50's). As a fan of the book, I can't believe I didn't make the distinction (especially with the soundtrack) that IT is set in the 80's...
19 pishposhpoppycock They had the opportunity to have the Turtle help the kids in the first battle - whether it be through their imagination weapons or in the case of this movie, shooting an empty bolt gun that Bill believed would work regardless. The Turtle is dead by the time they return as adults; it's really the Other that empowers the Losers and allows them a sliver of a chance when they take on the spider form of Pennywise.
81 hamscratch I started the book a month before opening weekend. I finished it last Saturday morning and watched the movie the following day. One scene I really loved was the clubhouse. The way Richie and Mike seemed to keep their cool while everyone else left one by one was great and what was revealed was even cooler. I'd be happy to see it in the second movie, but was bummed it wasn't there for the first part. I also wished they spent more time with Henry Bowers. That kid stressed me out in the book whenever he popped up. I know it's a lot easier in a book to build a character, but his motivations in the movie fell into the generic town bully area. I also hope they drop the weird camera stuff they did with It. It felt like I was watching a 3D movies without glasses on when he would rush at the kids.
25 [deleted] I'm so excited. The turtle is what turned IT from a good story to one of my favourites. The kids being supported by greater beings in this cosmic game of chess is awesome. Can't wait for a lovecraftian sequel.
11 MulderD You ready for it guys... two clowns!