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1552 shmoove_cwiminal Uh oh. This sub isn't going to like this. Lots of redditors think each year is filled with masterpieces.
1505 T-Time79 I agree with the article. There's really only one genuine masterpiece around these parts. And it's #**SUPER MARIO BROS 2 BABY**
461 royalstaircase What I learned from my time in the world of art history is that a "masterpiece" is technically supposed to be the defining work that proves that its creator is a master of their craft, almost like a masters/PHD thesis. NOT just "something really really good made by someone really really good at what they do." But even then, I have never been a fan of ~~grammatical purists~~ followers of prescriptivism that get frustrated at how language is a fluid form that shapes to the needs of its speakers. You'll spend your entire life with a headache if you get worked up every time people go beyond Oxford and Webster's recommendations on how to communicate.
27 IrritableSatirist > Not to disparage any of the critics and movie journalists giving quotes to the studios, many of whom are personal friends of mine, but it’s just gotten a little too easy to get one’s name into commercials and print ads by telling a studio flack that their movie is a “masterpiece” even when it really isn’t. I totally agree. Not to say any of those movies are bad (in fact, they're probably really good), but do they rank alongside movies like *The Godfather*, *The Seventh Seal*, or *La Dolce Vita*? > So yeah, let’s save the word “masterpiece” for a one-of-a kind movie that might have a deep and significant impact on everyone who watches it. Maybe Black Panther or a Star Wars might do that, but every movie needs to have some sort of passage of time to see how it stands up two, three, five, ten or twenty years later. > A movie you can watch for the tenth or twentieth time years after you first saw it, one that has the exact same effect on you years or decades later… THAT is a “masterpiece.” This is absolutely right. IMO, the word "masterpiece" has lost its luster because of its overuse, which is really sad.
94 DeweyIsOverrated LOL, this entire subreddit. "Cameron Diaz's performace in'The Mask' is a materpiece". 5,440 upvotes.
234 Therealquestions5 I wonder how this article would go over here if BR2049 or Dunkirk was one of the films in the thumbnail picture.