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127 Dallenforth I'm loving my pass, seen 3 movies in the last 2 weeks. No issue at my local theaters.
43 gmm511 I just used my card for the first time. After a clunky setup process, I had a bit of a giggle when the cashier rang the card through and it worked. Totally worth $9.99 a month. Thankfully, AMC isn't really around, hooray movie pass!
17 CapriciousManchild I've gone to the movies 5 times so far this month thanks to movie pass. I am going to see movies I would never have seen before in the theaters due to the cost of seeing a movie. For $10 I have saved over $70 in ticket prices, but I have also purchased concessions each time. Overall I think this is a benefit for most theaters. I don't see myself slowing down any time soon.
78 ajjsbrujas1990 Boom! The truth finally comes out. AMC is pissed cause they themselves where trying to undercut MoviePass with their own service, but MoviePass outplayed them now they can't compete
24 ncaafan2 The clear fear would be if AMC creates their own, they would no longer be eligible for Moviepass, which could really hurt its value in big cities. In Chicago, AMC owns about 75% of the main theatres in the downtown area, so would really limit the accessibility/value
67 MBSquared That's great news!!!! It means it's putting pressure on movie companies and FORCING them to adapt to the changing times.
21 Animated_post I hope to god AMC goes under someday. They are the greediest company with the worst management and corporate structure Ive ever seen.
7 foolsdie 400000*10=$4M a month in revenue. Each person uses it twice at an average ticket price of $10, this is being generous. That's a loss of $4M a month just from subscribers. They are going to be burning through a lot of cash. Don't see them lasting for long.
3 BenjaminTalam If AMC offers something like Sinemia with IMAX/3D/etc. showings included, +1's, advance tickets, etc. but with a limited amount of shows per month I would look into it. Moviepass is amazing and I'm not going to get rid of it anytime soon but there's options it lacks that other companies could capitalize on by including in their own services. I don't want to have to go only AMC theaters though so I'd never have JUST an AMC subscription. I'd only consider adding AMC to my Moviepass if AMC offered premium formats and advance tickets and a family plan.
9 denizenKRIM This subscription thing is still young for this industry, so AMC still has a shot at gaining some traction. They own 2 of the best movie going experiences out there at the moment (Dolby + IMAX) so if they could subsidize those costs I'd definitely consider. In Manhattan each tickets goes for roughly $25. I'd go a lot more often if I could save with a bulk discount.