Official Discussion: Super Troopers 2 [SPOILERS]
We’re the Broken Lizard team from “Super Troopers 2”. Happy 420. Let’s AMA.
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355 Dhylan18 Ironic that WME is donating half a million even though the head of their motion picture department is the one that groped Terry Crews.
849 dbbk I think it's quite distasteful to twist this into a story about 'the gender pay gap'. Michelle Williams' gender has nothing to do with this. She did it for (basically) free, Mark Wahlberg did not. You can argue over whether or not Mark should have waived his fee, but making statements like "Michelle Williams was paid 1% of what her male co-star made on her latest film" is just stupid.
10 crukx I don't get the pay gap debate at all. Especially with 'higher class' (I don't know what to call them). Don't you people discuss salaries during interview? You agreed to getting paid something if you were unhappy about it you shouldn't have worked. Simple, right? What am I not getting here? (serious)
115 HersheyBarAbs This is why Wahlberg was Most Overpaid Actor of 2017. It's cause he hustles and knows how to play the game. Nothing to do with gender or talent. Just business.
83 Remus117 Mark literally didn't do anything wrong ...
28 fahimi1351 Maybe I'm missing something here, but from the moment I saw the "pay gap" narrative I called bullshit. Mark Wahlberg/Michelle Williams are not on the same level in terms of drawing power, not even close. If we were talking about an actress like Jennifer Lawrence, then maybe this pay gap narrative would have its day in court. Mark Wahlberg did nothing wrong here. He asked to be paid for a job and should not have been expected to volunteer whether Michelle Williams did or not. At the end of the day it's a job, and people are entitled to get paid for their work if that's what's stipulated in their contract. Sad that Wahlberg had to do this to save face, fuck the press.
22 StylzL33T Shall we get the guillotine for Marky's head?
20 AnnalisaPetrucci This isn't a surprising end result but it's a serious shame that he was completely guilt tripped into this simply because people think he should do work for free.
82 DortDrueben Had a lengthy back and forth with a friend discussing the misreporting of this being a wage gender gap issue. I won't get into it because the whole thing was discussed to death in Reddit comments. But my issue was always my disappointment in Whalberg... Where Williams was all star, realized she was taking part in history, ready to work for free... Whalberg (or his agents) said, "Where's my check?" Regardless, with the outcry, I said the best thing to do would be donate the entirety. Lo and behold, here we are. Now look, I totally agree with the sentiment that there is no controversy here. Marky Mark is not *required* to give away his fee. He was asked to work, and he (or his agents) insisted on being compensated for that work. Nothing wrong with that. But on a personal level I was taking into consideration need v want, etc. I was disappointed he didn't see his film was in jeopardy, and be willing to dive in whole heartily to do his part, without being compensated first. Again, I get it. It's not required. This is America. That's fine. Simply a personal bias. I always think back to Sean Connery's cameo in *Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves*. He was paid $250,000 (almost $450,000 in today's money off some random inflation calculator I found) for what was probably a half day's work. He donated the entirety to charity.
14 Dark_Vengence This is dragging on a bit.
7 centipedeboy Wahlberg did nothing wrong