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49 SongOfBlueIceAndWire Hands down my favorite performance of his. This character could've come across as super cringy but Oldman plays it perfectly.
36 the_thinwhiteduke must be white boy day
31 SetYourGoals Really interesting to hear him talking about Tarantino before he was *Tarantino*. This was filmed about a month before Reservoir Dogs came out in theaters.
30 tmntnut Just gave this movie a re-watch recently and it holds up incredibly well IMHO, Oldman is fantastic and the scene with Walken and Hopper is quite possibly one of my favorite scenes of any movie, it's such a great movie.
12 liarandathief I don't think I've seen him do the same accent in any two interview. This one even moves around a bit.
9 Edinedi Drexel is what I imagine Wiseau's Joker will be (without the acting)
13 RedgeQc Gary Oldman is, in my humble opinion, the greatest actor in modern time. This is a man 100% dedicated to his craft to the point where he disappear into his roles and you don't even know it's him. In his performance, you can see that it's not about him looking good and handsome like some other actors, but it's about truly giving life to a character.
4 NickMoore30 Tarantino takes a character and spins him a whole 360° where we end up with.. well we end up with that character facing the exact same place as before, but they’re a little dizzy.
3 donsanedrin He really hasn't aged all that much in the face. His hair is now getting white, especially facial hair. The only thing that made me feel like "old, powerful, scene-stealing Gary Oldman" had turned into "old Gary Oldman" was his voice. Especially when he was Gordan in the Batman movies.
3 NJ247 The original J-Roc.
3 InvisibleLeftHand A little contrast with Gordon's character, I might say.
2 longtransit I loved him in Tiptoes
2 Geek_XX He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it?
2 Darth_Helcaraxe For a while I couldn't believe this was Gary Oldman. The guy is one of the best actors of all time.
2 WangoMcTango How has this man not won an Oscar yet? After I saw this performance in True Romance in the early 90's I thought we'd see him nominated practically every year. Only nominated twice! Tinker Tailor and now Darkest Hour. Haven't seen Phantom Thread yet and I'm sure DDL is as good as ever in it but I'm totally pulling for Gary this year. (I'm just assuming these two are the front runners. No disrespect to the other actors nominated.)
3 stevekrueger I worked for Gary about 15 years ago. That dreadlock wig was in the office. I borrowed it for Halloween one year and wore it out. He was not happy. Cool about it but not happy.
2 onlytalksshit fun fact: a Johnny deep used this interview as material for creating captain jack sparrow