Official Discussion: Super Troopers 2 [SPOILERS]
We’re the Broken Lizard team from “Super Troopers 2”. Happy 420. Let’s AMA.
The amazing colour palette / matching wardrobe in 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' (1964)
Super Troopers 2 is currently on pace to be #1 at the box office this weekend with 7.9 million on Friday
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What are your Top 5 musicals?
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Terminator 3-5 have been a tremendous waste of what potentially could’ve been a terrific series of films.
If you, like me, love the movie Yes Man, here is the full version of Zooey Deschanel's "Sweet Ballad" (Don't call me past 11pm)
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169 Trumper777 I cannot explain how much joy this video brought me. Truly awesome.
312 mrTALKINGDUCK Lightsaber nunchucks are simultaneously the dumbest and most badass thing I've ever seen.
83 MattDamonsTaco This is fucking awesome.
63 EZ_does_it At first I was thinking, "What an idiot. He's fighting with a pole, and rice, when he had lightsaber nunchucks all along." Then I remember that's fucking Bruce Lee and he can do whatever the fuck he wants.
23 MikeLuttmann Disney, please use this.
25 sphallolaliaaddict This plays at my funeral... And also at the birth of every child I accidentally make in the future.
8 savrox I didn’t know I was missing this from my life. Time to leap out Al. Al? Al?
7 spideyismywingman > Bruce Lee With Lightsabers My dream apocalypse scenario.
7 BaronVonBeans Holy cow. This is something I always wanted to see growing up - light saber technology applied to other martial arts weapons. Light-chuks, light-kusarigama, light-sais, light-claws, and even a light-katana with matching light-wakizashi. So awesome, incredible work, and thank you for brining my fantasies of my youth to life!!
9 HighPriestofShiloh how did the wood thing block the lightsaber? They need to edit that into one of those storm troop batons or something.
5 RemingtonSnatch Didn't know I needed to see this, but I did. I feel like I have achieved life's peak.
5 scots This is why The Phantom Menace had the best lightsaber duels - Lucas threw his hands in the air and gave fight coordinator / stuntman Ray Park the role of Darth Maul rather than train an actor. Park had trained Kung Fu from the age of 7, adding kickboxing, taekwondo and wushu to his repertoire later.
4 Ghaleon32 What Bruce Lee movie is this scene from, because I want to watch that movie.
3 OB1_kenobi I was watching and starting to wonder if Bruce Lee was going to use a lightsaber as well. Especially after he'd been fighting with the staff for a bit. Those Nunchuk-sabers though. I hope they put this in a Star Wars movie sometime. They look cool, very tricky to defend against and they're so different from the other lightsaber type weapons we've seen so far. tldr; I want to see a Jedi vs Sith Lee duel.
3 jtdusk That is just epic.
3 LittleDogFido Please do more like this, it was spectacular. Great work.
3 ancienthunter You know how in most movies the villains look and act bad ass, and usually they get the better of the hero at the start of the fight before being exposed mid way through the fight? I always loved how in most Bruce Lee films the villains would still start off looking tough but then Lee would just kick their asses straight from the start anyways.
2 Shnoochieboochies And just when you thought Bruce Lee couldn't get any better, this happens.