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99 grrodon What an absolute fucking legend
74 epraider Ash vs Evil Dead is honestly one of my favorite shows playing right now. Give it a watch if you love some good campy fun and horror.
31 urboro There's a bunch of these, Bruce is like a comic-con professional.
22 sysadminbj Bruce is one of the two actors that I would totally geek out over. Love that guy.
35 afburnham An integral voice/character of the Spider-Man video game
10 bujweiser Legend IMO. Bruce has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid. I used to get up at 6:00am on Saturday mornings to watch Brisco County Jr on TNT.
11 nullthegrey I recommend listening to his somewhat recent appearance in The Nerdist Podcast. Got a few good belly laughs out of it.
10 Delta_Assault I'll never forget his usher in Spider-Man 2.
26 Garthmer *Bruce Campbell is the finest man to grace a silver screen* *All the other actors just degrade his noble scenes* *The Oscars should award him for his wondrous career* *Hold a town parade for him with each movie premier* Psychostick made a song called Bruce Campbell. Even better, he tweeted about it! Also, give psychostick a listen.
8 oldmonkmgm Absolute legend. I used to hang around a book store in Detroit where the owner used to hang around with Campbell in his early days. The guy used to tell me loads of Campbell stories. Swell guy.
10 rare_gooby I love Bruce but he needs to act more, he's such a great actor but he's barely in movies. He could have a late career comeback working with great young directors. Kinda like Don Johnson has done, doing movies with Jim Mickle and Craig Zahler.
6 RenegadeWild He made Burn Notice so fucking funny.
6 badaccount99 I used to go to a lot of conventions back in the day. I think like 1993 or so I went to a con in South Carolina and Bruce Campbell was one of the guests. Too many of the stars on the con circuit just put in their time to sell their merch or autographs but aren't really in it for much more than that. I've done security at a couple and some guests just want to be left alone unless they're getting paid. But he was such a nice guy to everyone, and actually went to several of the room parties, had drinks with people and was really friendly and didn't act like he was too good for us. Since then I've gone out of my way to watch anything he's in. Edit: Worst: David Prowse, (Faux Darth Vader). He expected to be treated like royalty, and even me as a 17 year old at the time knew better than to cater to his insane wishes. F that guy, he can choke on his light-saber. Best: (Besides Bruce!) Tied between Lou Ferrigno who sat with us for lunch at DragonCon and didn't act like anyone special and was interested in us, and Gunner Hanson (Texas Chansaw Massacre) - he remembered who I was after seeing him on multiple cons and remembered my name and acted like I was a real person and not some crazy fan. Mediocre: James Doohan. I was assigned to escort him for 8 hours at a con. He was extremely fubar the whole time. I was slightly upset about it, but even though he was drunk he was really nice to me, just wanted me to keep him away from everyone else, so was one of those people who wanted to stay away from the people who loved him, so that kind of sucked. I'm old now and not been to a con in a long time, so certainly all of them could have changed since then.
3 bryan_sensei That was just pillow talk babe.
3 lazyguyty All I can think of when I see him is burn notice. I used to love that show when I was younger
5 hoilst He looks like nothing like Joseph Biden, but, dammit, if there's a man to play The Onion's Diamond Joe Biden, it's Campbell.
3 The7Reaper Bruce Campbell is a national treasure.
3 Crazyripps He is so dam great, doesn’t matter if he is on the big screen or the little screen, he is a dam legend.
2 AshIsGroovy Quick somebody get this man a mojito.