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37 20mitchell06 This looks gorgeous.
65 sectorfour The grandma with the chancla gave me ptsd.
80 Asiatic_Static "Hey guys, we need trailer music for our Mexican-culture inspired movie with a central theme being the main characters love for music. What song should we go with?" "Hmmm. Actual Mexican or even Latin American music wouldn't make much bout a 20-year old British song?"
8 hatramroany I wonder if this movie is going to cause a spike in Xoloitzcuintli adoptions
23 JimJimmyJimJimJimJim Heavy nods to Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
8 Mr_Sarajevo Looks great & refreshing to know that this isn't another sequel added to Pixar's catalogue.
14 proffessorpoopypants Traditionally cg-animated movies don't get enough credit for how stunning they look, and Disney/Pixar do it like nobody else can. I think the animation in this movie is on par with Kubo.
3 MBAMBA0 Really like the idea of Calaca (skeletons) being mined as comical figures - am looking forward to this.
4 StGrievous Spirited Away meets Corpse Bride? I'm sold on every sellable level.
9 RoyisOurBoy The Animation looks Vibrant and Colorful. It seems like this movie feels like a Deja Vu. Like the situations with Antz and A Bug's Life or The Wild and Madagascar, similar theme but different plot points.
2 G13G13 HYPE! I love Pixar movies. Wall-E is one of my all time favorite movies and I'm a grown man. BTW what is the song in this trailer?!-
2 Giorgio_Sole Grim Fandango vibe
4 SweetCheeksUp That dog looks like trouble on legs.
1 barejoke Is there some lore behind giant colourful cats in Mexican culture? I remember seeing similar cats in Grim Fandango which also revolves around Dias de la Muerte
1 SamuraiJackBauer Looks pretty but also the story looks very much like the best "The Good Dinosaur ". I wonder if this will connect with audiences.