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337 Silent_Hysteria Makes it sound like there were initially more than one person assaulting her. They all should be charged
203 Boblawblahh That poor girl was fucked either way. Speak up and the bullying gets worse, fight back,and well this happens. It breaks my heart. wtf compelled this young girl to take a knife and stab her schoolmate with it??? How does it come to this?
600 Kendermassacre She stabbed the girl outside of a Dunkin Donuts after school, with a steak knife. So, are we being led to understand that she had a steak knife while in school? Even if she didn't, she had a steak knife right after school in front of a coffee shop, she didn't have that knife with the intent to use it to equally divide a donut with friends. That right there shows intent to do harm.
1186 StaplerLivesMatter Well, fuck. At least she went out fighting, I guess. The attacker was carrying a knife, went there with her little gang to start some shit, and then stabbed the victim to death for standing up to herself. That's close enough to premeditated murder for me to be comfortable with her spending life behind bars, and IMO everyone else in the gang should catch felony murder charges for this. We are not talking about youthful shenanigans here. A 16-year-old is dead in the ground instead of living a long and happy life. I have no faith in their ability to rehabilitate and no interest in trying.
217 Glblwrmingisfak >Students tell Eyewitness News the victim was being bullied and fought back, spraying those harassing her with pepper spray, and that is when she was stabbed. This is why pepper spray isn't the end all be all of self defense weapons. Some people can power through it and stab you to death anyways. Especially if they are already within stabbing range.
55 questxcomplete So what about the other kids?
52 Amcal Just a senseless death, very sad
387 the-wave >When asked why a girl from Yonkers attended a school in New Rochelle, school officials on Thursday said there are many legal reasons behind such a decision, and they could not divulge which were applicable in Brown's case. Probably a violent thug kicked out of one school and passed off to the next. >Mother of New Rochelle High School student Z’inah Brown leaves New Rochelle City Court sobbing as daughter arraigned on Second Degree Murder charge in stabbing death of NRHS classmate Valaree Schwab. She raised a fucking monster, she and the rest of the gang's parents. The other youths deserve felony murder charges.
56 commando60 All of the bullies should be charged if they saw what happened and didnt do jack
12 crispy48867 When bullies get together and pick on someone, they are ALWAYS a group of exceptionally stupid. This girl needs prison for life and the rest of those who were with her need 5 to 10 years in prison as accomplices.
21 awesomedan24 I feel like *murdered* might be more accurate than *bullied* here