German World War I submarine discovered intact with 23 bodies inside
Man kills surgeon who left him with erectile dysfunction over 20 years after botched operation
Four sherrifs' offices file law suits against pharma companies: allege fraud, deception in the name of profit
Penny causes ‘permanent’ damage to Lincoln Memorial; man charged
Health officials declare hepatitis A outbreak in L.A. County
5-year old suspended for "terroristic threats" at California elementary school
Criminology student, 22, who falsely cried rape at taxi driver is jailed for 16 months
Thousands in shelters as Puerto Rico awaits direct hit from Hurricane Maria
Suspect Plans to Sue ‘Hero’ Who Stopped Him From Robbing Starbucks
Live - Hurricane Maria batters Puerto Rico with force 'not seen in modern history' - latest news
A life-extending lung cancer drug will be made immediately available to NHS patients in England, say advisers.
Whole of Puerto Rico without power
Legendary boxer Jake LaMotta dies
There are 40 million slaves worldwide, most are women and girls
Used-car nightmare leaves Montreal-area woman on hook for $30K
New surge in migrants crossing US-Canada border
Drunken man who didn't want to drink alone forces his way into women's home with two 12-packs of beer.
Two American Men Convicted for Exploiting Filipino Children
Abuse allegations, arrests mount at state mental hospital
Pepe’s creator is sending takedown notices to far-right sites
Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32M People Seized in Single NYC Bust: Prosecutors
Nine elephants electrocuted by electric power lines while drinking water from a leaked pipe in Botswana
California issues joint resolution challenging Feds over marijuana scheduling
Jogger nicknamed ‘The Mad Pooper’ wanted for defecating in front yards
Man held website hostage for $10,000, failed, redirected it to porn, got busted
U-Boat found with 23 bodies at bottom of ocean
Rescuers search rubble of school as Mexican quake toll hits 217
Texas college player dies after suffering neck injury
Illinois passes law reforming civil forfeiture.
A powerful earthquake has shaken Mexico City
Shooting reported at Mattoon High School
For second straight year, Coast Guard sets record for drug seizures at sea
Raf Drone stops ISIS Execution.
Teen finds and returns a wallet w/ $1500 cash
Germany's 'first wild bison in 250 years' shot by authorities
Singapore baggage handler 'swapped hundreds of tags'
Hurricane Maria pounds Puerto Rico after killing 7 people in Dominica
Ex-Chicago cop arrested on drug charges after 15 years on the run
California school board will allow transgender books in elementary schools
Massachusetts sues Equifax as hack concerns spread to Canada
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12 InterstellarPyrosome >Camp says times have changed and that lately there has been a lot of complacency in the LGBT community about HIV and AIDS. “Prevention efforts have not had the emphasis that they did for a very long time,” he said. This is the understatement of the year right here. You see it very often too in subs like /r/askgaybros where people are literally shamed if they don't want to sleep with someone who is HIV positive. You hear the same talking points like: -"But he's *non-detectable*!" -"You're uneducated on the topic if you think you can catch HIV from someone who is non-detectable!" -"You're not mature enough to have sex if you're afraid of STD risk!" And many others. I get that having HIV would be a horrible thing both from the disease and from the stigma, but the shaming of people who don't want to sleep with someone who is positive is a problem. Sure, *if the person consistently takes their meds and the meds are working* the risk of catching HIV is extremely low from an undetectable person but: 1. Meds need to be adjusted because HIV can come back, which is why monitoring happens. 2. There's still a chance of catching it, the risk is not zero. Not to mention condoms don't have the same effectiveness rate of std prevention during anal sex that they do vaginal sex. Some studies peg condom effectiveness at preventing HIV for anal sex as low as 86%. This is why drugs like Truvada were such a break through, without condom usage Truvada is roughly 90% - 92% effective at preventing HIV. With condoms it leaps to 98% - 99%. Truvada can usually be gotten for free or low cost with the Gilead co-pay card and almost any gay bar has a fish bowl full of condoms somewhere so it's not that difficult to protect oneself.
4 TheyShootBeesAtYou >Some in the Texas LGBT community are blaming social media and the influx of so-called ‘hook up apps’ for the number of growing HIV infection clusters And before those existed, it was bath houses and public parks. Something is responsible, all right, but it's not the technology.
3 ShitInMyCunt-2dollar Once again, a certain group show they are highly promiscuous and irresponsible - all the while crying 'homophobia'.
3 superguyguy Probably one pimp with a dirty stable.
1 ClevelandBerning They need to be pushing PrEP in all metropolitan areas.