Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports
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Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave
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Cops Arrest White Supremacist Who Claimed He Trained Parkland Shooter
1455 Economic__Anxiety If Trump only hires the best people then why does he keep firing them?
5810 TooShiftyForYou *"I am really at a point where we are getting close to having the cabinet and other things that I want," Trump said.* He got to pick the cabinet in the first place.
1001 phrydoom Not only was Rex Tillerson fired, but his aide--Steve Goldstein--was fired too for releasing a statement on how Tillerson was fired. You can't make this shit up. What a farce.
838 tremble_and_despair The article title was changed by the site itself. This was the original title.
1713 phrydoom CNN is stating that a State Department official maintains Tillerson learned of firing via a tweet.
2742 RealPutin What the actual hell is happening
515 saro13 The US cabinet has had more turnover, both in raw numbers and percentage-wise, than my actual place of business, and I feel like we’re struggling to keep up with our tasks. How on Earth does anyone expect this administration to be efficient and functional?
122 SphincterMan410 Tillerson found out from Trump's tweet
2156 magicsonar So the big question we should be focusing on now is who Trump has lined up to be the new Director of the CIA. EDIT: so it will be Gina Haspel: >As a clandestine officer at the Central Intelligence Agency in 2002, Gina Haspel oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later took part in an order to destroy videotapes documenting their brutal interrogations at a secret prison in Thailand. [1]( If you wanted someone to lead the CIA that had no ethics and no qualms about engaging in a coverup, Gina Haspel looks to be a good choice.
131 Haydenhumper The front page had 2 top posts about this, now they are both gone, what's that about?
44 Endarkend Interesting that his stated reason to fire Tillerson is that him and Tillerson disagree on things, the week after he was blabbering all over the news that his white house isnt' chaotic, that he just loves disagreement and the energy it brings ...
108 ajmeb53 I don't follow US news regularly but wasn't there a secret pact between Tillerson+Mattis and some other guy that was suppose to save them from this exact thing.
181 i-heart-trees I just think that picking the former head of an intelligence agency (especially one with the reputation of the CIA) as your chief diplomat is going to breed distrust with anyone you attempt to negotiate with.