Justice Department Fires Embattled FBI Deputy Director Just Short of Retirement
Wisconsin legislator to propose banning marijuana tests for most jobs
Britain is now threatening to seize Russian oligarchs' luxury real estate after ex-spy's poisoning
Black man beaten in Charlottesville found not guilty of assaulting white supremacist
A custodian takes advantage of National School Walkout and steals $180 from students' book bags
Cramer on 2008 crisis: It could happen again 'because no one went to jail the first time'
California High School Teacher On Leave After Questioning School Shooting Walkout
Judge Vance Day -- who wouldn't marry same-sex couples -- suspended for 3 years
San Luis Obispo jailhouse video shows deputies laughing as schizophrenic prisoner dies
Coca-Cola admits presence of plastic in Dasani water
Nikolai Glushkov: Russian exile murdered at London home by 'compression to neck', police say
FBI and Ithaca Police Find AR-15, Bomb-Like Devices in Former Cornell Student’s Apartment
Pregnant Widow Appeals for Help Finding Suspect Who Pushed Boulder Off Overpass, Killing Husband
Wichita family reunited with dog after it was accidentally shipped to Japan this week by United Airlines.
California couple gets $2.5 million settlement after city called kidnapping a hoax
Academy 'launches sexual harassment investigation into its president John Bailey' days after the Oscars
Winn-Dixie parent plans to file for bankruptcy, close 94 stores
Man who won $19m in lottery pleads guilty to bank robbery
Chicago students trash Walmart during walkout over gun violence - Story
4 charged with using 'Wounded Warrior' name to raise over $150,000 for personal profit
If you're going to Brazil, get a yellow fever vaccine, CDC warns
Amateur Canadian scientists discovered a new type of northern lights and promptly named it ‘Steve’
Trump decides to remove national security adviser, and others may follow
Jersey City's 4,000-member teachers union strikes for first time since 1998
Arkansas Students Paddled For Participating in Walkout
Missouri defends 241-year prison sentence for 16-year-old
Investigation finds ICE detention center cut corners and skirted federal detention rules
For the first time, California appoints an undocumented immigrant to a state post
Newspaper edits out Dallas same-sex couple's reference in obit
Boulder thrown off 134 Freeway overpass kills man in car
Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump are separating
Graphic video made public from Pulse nightclub shooting at trial of gunman's widow
Giant yellow duck missing off the West Australian coast after fleeing swimming competition.
Anti-Muslim video taken at Tempe mosque; 2 women arrested
Dead man walking: Court rejects Romanian's claim he's alive
Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests 117 immigrants in Southern California
Vietnam marks 50 years since U.S. massacre at My Lai
Science teacher that fed puppy to snapping turtle in front of students has turtle seized by state officials.
Murder inquiry over Russian's London death
Men attacked by stranger armed with tire iron over Pokemon Go game
178 10265 good news for Michigan!
436 HeMightBeJoking Didn’t they just move the Rams to L.A.?
69 InternetKingTheKing Are you the same person who puts the after photo on the left and the before photo on the right?
793 O_Apples You need to put where it is first and then the destination. Like when addressing a letter, not a present. By putting Michigan before Mexico the brain interprets it as from Michigan to Mexico. [edit] So there are quite a few people here commenting how they are able to read words properly. Congratulation. Do any of you remember that paragraph where almost none of the words are spelled correctly but it is still perfectly understandable. That is what is going on with a lot of other people. Their brain is filling in information in a pattern that is familiar. From A to B is how information is typically presented when talking about a thing that is moving. Where it is now to where it will end up paints a clearer image in the head of most people. Yes, how it is presented now is technically correct, but because it does not fit the simple common form it adds a layer of unnecessary ambiguity. Also, this is a news article title. It should be written in a way that is to the point and easy to understand at a glance for dumb people like me. I read the title and immediately thought, “and after everything that Trump said.” Read through the article and then thought, “wait, this article doesn’t match the headline.” I went back and forth twice to understand what was going on.
17 CB_Rubber_Ducky I used to haul Ram trucks and vans from Laredo, TX. Most people I talked to about the job had no clue they were built in Mexico. The majority of them were delivered to dealerships across America. Very few of them were delivered to end of cycle assembly plants for specialty builds.
63 EmeraldJunkie Good news is good news. I'm still not sold on the tax bill for the long term but moves like this are good for the workers, even if it's only in the short term. Hopefully we'll see more businesses pass their savings onto their employees.
11 JayWaWa Instead of robots in Mexico building cars, we will have robots in the USA building cars.
230 AllynSea I don't get it. The article says from Mexico to Michigan.
10 7palms Jesus Chrysler fix that title ughhh
46 Sun-Anvil Well, this is going to piss of the suppliers that built plants in Mexico just for Chrysler and the Ram truck. > Fiat Chrysler said it does not plan to shut the Saltillo plant, but declined to comment on which models will be made in Saltillo after Ram production moves north. Also, FCA is saying this is because the tax bill makes it cheaper to operate in Michigan. Think about that. It is cheaper in Michigan than Mexico.
185 KrazeeD The relocation of the Ram production and the $2,000 bonus for all employees are a direct result of the tax reform from Trump. That’s exactly what the email said that I received from corporate. The bonus will be paid in 2nd quarter of this year. Oh and they are investing $1 billion into Warren plant which will also creat 2,500 jobs.