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585 a_golden_ruler Look, if you hired people, and their jobs were basically creating new fake accounts. And then you get busted for that, what are you going to do with all those people making fake accounts? WF got hit hard with that, and regardless of tax breaks creating more jobs, if your company's bloated, it's bloated.
125 lespaulstrat2 I guess the stagecoach business isn't what it used to be. I blame automation.
19 ew73 I don't think this is _entirely_ related to their legal troubles, though the legal costs are probably speeding up their timelines significantly. But **all** the banks are closing physical branches as people really are moving online and into mobile apps. I used to work for a bank as a software engineer, and almost all the work I did there was centered around, in some way or another, preventing the customer from going to a physical branch. Not evilly, but by providing the tools in mobile and on the web that they did in the branch. Mobile deposit, where you take a picture of the check? No branch. Transfer money in and out? No branch required. Get cash? ATM reimbursement (or simply just using ATMs); no branch. Hell, we even worked on automating the loan process for personal, home, and auto, so you don't need to go to a branch for that. Or call and talk to someone in a call center. About the only thing you **can't** do online is get specific types of bills and coinage from a branch, and do things like cashiers' checks, roll your coins, and other legitimately _physical_ things. But you don't need a presence every 30 blocks for that. I haven't looked at the Wells Fargo mobile app in a couple years, but if it's followed the same general pattern the other guys have, it's got the functionality needed to just not have as many branches. They may not have been ready to do it, but their fucking ridiculous and insane levels of fraud have pushed them to close those branches early. Usually, they close them slowly and hope the story doesn't make the news.
73 YourRoyalBadness We'll just open fake *Well's Fargos to supplement the demand
15 chisau I work for another large bank, and honestly, this is likely more due to the overall move of most banks away from brick and mortar physical locations to online.
40 RepublicanKindOf This makes sense. Brick and mortar have been declining since 1997.
22 tralphaz43 Hope they lose my mortgage in the move
58 DecentChanceOfLousy Good. They're a garbage bank that encourages their employees to steal from their customers. They provide nothing that wouldn't be better provided by a credit union.
17 WashuOtaku Wells Fargo is simply playing catch-up to other banks that have already been shedding hundreds of branches for the last few years. It is going to get a lot harder to see a live human being in another five years, especially you got shit to do at a bank that goes far beyond simple deposit/withdrawals.
6 barantos Good Wells Fargo are this shitbags that created fake accounts, created pay day loans, and are dirtbags. I hope they go bankrupt.
4 unknown14521452 Too be honest they have too many branches. When they bought out Wachovia they didn't close many, if any, branches. I know of a few locations where there are 2 branches within a few hundred feet of each other.
6 Caputtohsi Everyone switching to credit unions.