Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports
Attorney General tells prosecutors to seek death penalty in drug cases
Authorities: Bombing suspect was Pflugerville resident Mark A. Conditt
Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly make a statement on the data breach scandal within 24 hours
WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies
Tear gas released in Kosovo parliament by opposition party in bid to stop vote
The ashes of Professor Stephen Hawking will be interred next to the graves of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey.
'They could be twins': photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election
Police Respond to Sixth Explosion in Texas as Serial Bomber’s Terror Continues
Teacher who called military 'lowest of the low' is fired
Cops: 16-year-old beats friend to death with baseball bat over a girl
Zuckerberg has sold more Facebook stock in the last 3 months than any insider at any other company
Antioch man flagged by local police arrested for lying on gun application
German swimming instructor accused of abusing 40 young girls:
Fox News analyst blasts network as 'propaganda machine' while announcing departure
China Gives Communist Party More Control Over Policy and Media
Satanism Drama Is Tearing Apart the Murderous Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen
Florida man associated with Parkland gunman arrested by authorities.
Amazon looking to buy abandoned Toys ‘R’ Us storefronts
Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk's multibilion dollar compensation plan
Man arrested for DUI had blood alcohol level of .316, deputies say
Sacramento police shoot man holding a cell phone in his own backyard
Trump administration sued over new elephant trophy hunting rules
Commonwealth Games wifi service will mine visitors' Facebook data
Facebook is being sued by its shareholders
Oumuamua likely came from a binary star system
Miami hospital allowed tribal police to kidnap newborn baby, parents say
School Shooter stopped by armed security guard
Kabul Suicide Bombing Kills 26 in Holiday Crowd, Officials Say
Boko Haram Returns Dozens of Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria
Shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland, school confirms
Facebook’s Stock Tumbles Again, Value Drops By More Than $50 Billion
Family Members Tip Police to 15 Year Old with guns and bomb supplies in backpack, stopping Paw Paw High School Shooting
Missing From Facebook’s Crisis: Mark Zuckerberg
Spy poisoning: Boris Johnson agrees Vladimir Putin will 'use World Cup like Hitler used 1936 Olympics'
Man accuses Katy ISD superintendent of bullying
Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave
I am being used as scapegoat - academic who mined Facebook data
Stray dog bites 7 children in south Charlotte elementary school
Cops Arrest White Supremacist Who Claimed He Trained Parkland Shooter
79 elrugmunchero Out with the black highlighters again?
111 cheifminecrafter Land of the free, home of the [censored]
31 chaosisanescalator Frankly the entire western world is getting more secretive and shady, in the private and public sector. It more than likely wont get better regardless of who is in power in whatever country. Don't forget how reddit is attempting to set a record for censoring statistics or research related to how thousands of its users are Russian troll accounts, Super PACs, paid corporate shills, or pushing an agenda laid out by an organization they are affiliated with in order to keep that sweet ad revenue coming in. Don't forget 23andMe going after journalists trying to track down what governments and corporate interests user DNA and personal information is sold to. Google/Apple/Facebook/Comcast/Rogers/Bell/BT/Sky all doing shady things linking user information and internet traffic, selling it to foreign governments and corporate interests and aggressively attempting to censor any information regarding these activities. Twitter helping foreign governments track down and imprison, disappear, or execute people for posting political opinions that are illegal in their home countries by providing location data maps of users. It is a cultural symptom more than anything of, and I hate using the term because I in no way endorse the majority of the ideas found on the subreddit, late stage capitalism.
61 anonymousbach Land of the Free* *Terms and conditions may apply.
258 Beeftech67 Strange, this administration has been so open and honest. I mean Trump released his taxes, the papers separating him from his company, his findings from his super secret Obama investigation, his plan to defeat ISIS, his healthcare plan that has everyone covered, the video of the millions of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11, the proof on the 3-5 million illegal votes, and his study on the link between vaccines and autism. Such a great Washington outsider who drained the swamp...
103 Morgax Lol, most transparent administration ever my ass..... oh wait.
9 Valentinee105 Weren't the Kennedy assassination files released not to long ago and it was still partially redacted?
26 BabyGotBackspace Is this true- 'But Trump is personally more accessible to reporters asking questions than President Barack Obama...'? I haven't seen a Presidential Press Conference yet, I may have missed it, but I think Obama had them regularly. Twitter doesn't count. ;)
20 iushciuweiush Notably missing from the article are figures from past years so we can compare total number of requests to determine if it's a capacity issue or a censorship issue compared to the previous administration.
5 chronoss2016 i {bleep} think that the {bleepity bleep bleeps} ought to smarten up.
16 HIVnotAdeathSentence >People who asked for records under the Freedom of Information Act received censored files or nothing in 78 percent of 823,222 requests, a record over the past decade. A new record in the past decade? That's it? More clickbait.
2 Shsguy80 Land of the free indeed
2 fauimf Just because you pay their salaries doesn't mean what they are up to is any of your business. Wait... wait a minute!!! Yes it does!!!