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73 Ironicalogical Wow, her poor son. Pretty much fucked up his entire life right there as well. Watching he mom murder a man right in front of him. And this woman was acquitted? He never assaulted her and I didn't see him going for a gun that was hidden in the drawer she opened and grabbed. All I saw was some guy who wanted to nope the fuck out of the office.
214 johnwayne2413 Did the client know that she kept her gun in the drawer? It didn't look like he was going for her gun. Not to mention he was shot in the back as he was fleeing. I watched it at 0.25x speed, there was no struggle for the gun, or even the drawer. Looked like he was heading out the window. Doesn't look like self defense to me.
161 tehgilligan Wow, she was perfectly calm before, during, and afterward. That was definitely murder. I feel really bad for her son.
47 do0rkn0b Ok, that bitch is a murderer.
62 Isaywhatiwannasay She was the only threat in that situation.
92 vladmir-poopin This was an extra judicial killing. Plain and simple.
79 mojorific I watched the video 3 times, and every time I reach the same conclusion. This woman just got away with murder.
16 SecCcat What tiny amount of faith I had in the justice system, its' culture, and most people working in the field is gone. That woman is disgusting, but less so than the system which so obviously failed to enact any semblance of justice. Will she face other less serious charges now that she has been acquitted of murder in the first degree?
14 axisrahl85 Wow. Even her son knew she just murdered that guy.
11 jwhex86 wow shot the guy in the back after you blocked the exit.. that's a murder.
59 KeanuReeves4pres Weird they only setup gopro cameras right before he showed up. Wouldn't these places have security cameras up for 24/7 protection? The setting up the cameras right before he showed up seams like they were planing on something happening. She shot the dude in the back when he was no longer a threat. So now bailbondsmen can shoot citizens in the back just like cops do and get away with it?
10 TheodoreLinux Holy fuck. If I ever saw someone get away with murder, this one would be it.
10 JeffKong11 He didn’t go for her gun. Why would he need to? He could have ended both her and her son easily with his bare hands. Dude was fleeing. She thinks she’s a bad ass and “proved” it. The son couldn’t believe his mother shot him. He cried immediately afterwards. Whether he was crying for the guy or for his mother who just committed murder, either way he wasn’t in danger. Fuck this broad.
7 Phlox_carolina That sure *looked* like murder. I understand that he could have tried to grab the gun, but at the time she killed him, there was no apparent threat. To kill someone in defense, you can't reasonably shoot them in the back as they're running away *unless* there is an imminent threat, right? What was the imminent threat?
12 uniqueusername0054 Wow lol she killed him cold blood and walked. Ok guys if you want to kill people and be ok join something involved with law enforcement. You can make a video of the whole thing, kill them with no remorse, lie, and walk free. It’s that easy, you’ll miss like a week of work! On a lighter note you can also kill 17 people at a school and you won’t get the death penalty, they’ll spend a couple thousand dollars on you parading you around in orange, put you on tv and give you a small room with a bed and 3 meals a day, you don’t even have bills anymore! Murder is awesome here in the United States! It’s one of America’s many great past times. Fuck this country.
6 SimplyTim90 No self defense. She straight up shot him in the back. If the son didn't set up that go pro, you can guarantee she probably would have gotten away with it.
8 hearse223 Was it bring your son to work day?
9 [deleted] [removed]
7 Million-Suns The justice system sends a clear message: It's okay for a female bail agent to fatally shoot someone in the back while he's fleeing. Cold murder legalized for a specific type of people. Actually this is a mockery of justice. I don't trust that system.
4 henrydeanshead She is a fucking cold blooded killer.
20 NoahWebstersGhost Cowardly sacrificed at the altar of authoritarianism.