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293 LOTR_pippin Also very relevant to this situation, he directly targeted someone who blew him in...:
1205 Clickum245 I'm sure he feels he deserves it.
542 bassp1aya This story is insane. I can't believe how much of this corruption is basically legal in Alabama! >Many Alabama sheriffs contend that the practice of keeping "excess" inmate-feeding funds for themselves is legal under a state law passed before World War II. We're talkin' $250K a year. And they think they are completely justified in keeping it all personally. >Tom Albritton, executive director of the ethics commission, said via email that the state does not require public officials to disclose exactly how much more income they received from a single source beyond the $250,000 threshold, which he said is "specifically set in the statute." Here's another completely backwards idea. >Entrekin's annual salary as sheriff is $93,178.80 >Entrekin does not use the funds allocated for inmate feeding to purchase "food trays" and certain "food service supplies" for the Etowah County jail, which the county instead pays contractors to supply, according to county records. >Entrekin provided a two-sentence response to a series of detailed questions about the county contracts for jail needs and campaign contributions from companies that provide products and services for the county. >"You should understand that in the State of Alabama, the sheriff does not have the legal authority to enter into contracts," he said via email. "According to the law, contractual authority is the responsibility of the County Commission." Does this include employment contracts or an Oath of Office? >Entrekin's campaign received one of its largest single contributions to date: $5,000 from Network Communications International Corporation (NCIC.) Etowah County awarded the Texas company a contract to provide "inmate telephone services" on Sept. 20, 2016. NCIC did not respond to a request for comment. >The official printed invitation to Entrekin's Feb. 20 fundraiser did not include a request for attendees to donate to his campaign, but records filed with the state show that the campaign brought in $32,600 on the day of the event.
210 jafomatic I can’t help wondering what he spent the other ten thousand on.
57 Kiylyou Do you think he remembers Andy dufresne?
32 thanksmrskelator And they say crime doesn’t pay.
153 LostAllMyBitcoin For profit prisons are just modern day slavery. But lobby money will keep most of them open. Ahh the cycle of corruption
47 realauntbulgaria The kid who told the press about getting a check from the fund for mowing the lawn was busted by the sheriff's department a few days later for marijuana possession after an anonymous tip - in case you didn't think it could get any worse.
16 slayer991 What's more amazing is that somehow, this is perfectly legal under a law passed before WWII!?!?!?!
72 -Anarresti- The police run the biggest racketeering scheme in America.
45 2ND_Dinner Oh my god honest cops are going to be soooo pissed at him!
11 AccidentalAlien It's one thing to read that a sheriff would do something like this but entirely another to find out this practice is supported by the Alabam Ethics Commission... >*Entrekin (the sheriff) reported on forms he filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission that he made "more than $250,000" each of the past three years via the inmate-feeding funds.* >*Tom Albritton, executive director of the ethics commission, said via email that the state does not require public officials to disclose exactly how much more income they received from a single source beyond the $250,000 threshold, which he said is "specifically set in the statute."*
29 UsernameChecksOutToo The Sheriff is clearly abusing a loop hole. Hopefully the people of that county will elect a new Sheriff that has a shred of integrity and the legislation will close that hole by changing the law to require any unused money go back to the county to better serve the tax payers. It's sickening that public employees can think tax dollars are their dollars do use how they see fit. In no shape or form is this acceptable in a public office.
19 old_fuck_ what a corrupt, greedy piece of dog shit
64 DonGeronimo just a few bad apples...