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50 KyleG I remember when he was fired from Community, my favorite show at the time. All us Human Beings were sure Sony suits were just stupid and thought they fired him for being difficult to work with. I had no idea until I saw this headline that he deserved to be fired for moral failings rather than for having a clearly-defined artistic vision for the show that didn't sit well with garbage person business majors.
133 guttercherry He’s so close but the idea is basically there - all this harm comes from not acknowledging, communicating, and dealing with emotions. We are first and foremost emotional beings. When finally get intelligent about this, then we will be able to stop the abuse. Until then, we are fucked.
77 packagefiend that's an insane 180° he did in half a decade. I'm sad he fucked up. He's still quite naive about how to interact with women in society but hes seemingly making progress. I guess the Exploitative Bossman type are dime a dozen. This apology, probably in retroaction to #metoo, will help educate potential aggressors. In light of this, I wish the gas leak year fared better so there might've been a life after Harmon for Community. The later seasons did feel unhinged but I thought it was because it was "post gas leak year" and yahoo acquired it. maybe they used the writers strike as a motivation for more creative freedom... but maybe they started day drinking in the series really to illustrate the state of the moods in the production crew. edit, do note that I said life for community after Harmon and not life after community.
20 FuklzTheDrnkClwn What did he do? No mention in the article. I am drunk so maybe I missed it?
52 ThisLookInfectedToYa I read his apology in full yesterday. Possibly the best response I've seen outside of two months ago when a friend (unprompted) admitted to being a dickhead to a mutual friend a few years back.
14 ulong2874 Megan Ganz was my favourite writer on community, Cooperative Caligraphy being my favourite episode of community, one of my favourite episodes of any comedy show. Hearing how Dan treated her has really bummed me out. I remember back in the day it being a known thing that Megan Ganz was "his number 2" or whatever on the writing team. Knowing his motivations for this sucks, alot. It really is true that you should never learn anything about your favourite celebrities.
18 yo_soy_soja FWIW, [this clip]( from his podcast Harmontown clearly shows his breaking up with his then-girlfriend Erin (whom he left to pursue Megan). It really shows his misogyny, which he now admits was responsible for his sexual harassment.
8 captainmaryjaneway Off topic but I just noticed that Dan Harmon looks just like Slavoj Zizek. Cudos on the decent apology and self reflection, Harmon.
5 welcome-x Dan Harmon is a drunk
4 Chris_RandomNumbers I think Dan Harmon just expertly articulated what most of us already knew; that we boys often get weird when we become infatuated by girls. I'm sure these last few months have caused a great deal of us to look back over our lives and reassess how we've behaved towards woman. I certainly have. They may be painful lessons to learn, but learn them we must. And, hopefully, impart better values onto younger generations.