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2 charged with capital murder of Western Hills mall manager who died in a hail of gang gunfire
A former Utah State University student described her rape and the school’s response on Facebook. Now the school is investigating.
Jury awards more than $37 million to family of Maryland woman killed in police standoff
101 ILL_DO_THE_FINGERING This is timely information for all the medieval serfs out there.
141 BonfireinRageValley Bloody Skaven propaganda again
102 FaFaFlunkie585 Rats are finally vindicated.
23 MinimallyInvasive If there's one thing my mother told me it's not to spread the black death.
22 Sir_Wemblesworth I remember doing a project on this during my undergrad. There was compelling evidence at the time that fleas on rats were not the cause as some cities were devoid of appropriate amounts of rat bones, which you would expect with increased plague, hence a fleas on humans theory was suggested. For those unaware, *Yersinia pestis* is the organism that causes plague and it is carried by fleas/louse, which are further carried by humans. Modern variants are caused by rats, but the modeling suggests human louse species were the culprit between 1347-1351. Edit: APOLOGIES. It has been several years and I mistook the crux of the argument. The argument made a few years back was that rats are equally killed by *Yersinia pestis*, yet in cities affected by plague there was no proportional increase in rat skeletons in the archaeological record. The cities *had* rats, but they were not dying proportional to the rate of humans. This [article]( summarizes it well. Apologies that I had to use the DailyMail as I could not find the actual study done.
9 ascii122 The key is never to leave your house.
42 TW1971 Rats, always getting a bad rap. I hope they get a good lawyer and sue somebody over this.
8 FloodMoose I'm so fucking stoked about this.
12 quaestio-omnia That fact that lice (and bed bugs) are resurgent (in the west) does not bode well for us being able to prevent a similar outbreak today. Even just 30 years ago bedbugs and lice were nearly mythical in North America. Parents and teachers would stop and explain that bedbugs were real things and not just part of a bedtime saying (just like they might stop and explain the real meaning of ring around the rosey). Lice was something that you would hear that some kid in the next town over got; but no one actually knew anyone that had them. Now, you talk to teachers and every school has a couple of lice outbreaks every year and every city in North America has entrenched bedbug problems. My questions are what did we do to get rid of them the last time, why can't we do that again, and why have they made a come back? > "Our study suggests that to prevent future spread hygiene is most important," said Prof Stenseth. > "It also suggests that if you're ill, you shouldn't come into contact with too many people. So if you're sick, stay at home." I'm curious as to how they reached that conclusion. Neither of those steps would prevent lice spreading disease.
9 lemoninski Can we get a hashtag Something like #we'resorry or #rodentcondolence
4 ayobeslim yeah but they leave out the part where peoples dogs used to run completely free all the time and that when horses died they'd just lie there and rot, bringing more and more rats... I'm sure it was a mixture of both the living conditions of humans and animals and not just humans
17 vanoreo IIRC the plague actually travelled on the fleas that were on rats.
2 rood2003 And again... this topic / article keeps getting posted on reddit over and over.... Strange almost like it a paid promotion Weird
2 throwaway21343232242 Lice? Damn I wonder what mosquitoes could do.