Arizona teachers vote to strike
FDA Panel Unanimously Backs Cannabis Drug for Severe Epilepsy
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US experts back marijuana-based drug for childhood seizures
Japanese company tricks three Vietnamese trainees in the name of "Technical Intern Training Program" to clean up nuclear waste in Fukushima
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Kushner Cos. subpoenaed by feds after AP report
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Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again)
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Accused MS-13 kingpin arraigned on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges
US police have arrested a woman suspected of killing first her husband and then a woman who looked like her in order to steal her identity.
ATF: More explosives stolen from worksite than first thought (704 ib)
911 operator who hung up on emergency calls is sentenced to jail
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Elkhart, Indiana woman wants to come home after she claims she was tricked into joining ISIS
1401 AFGNCAAP_Paradigm Kinda surprised they aren't launching them into space. He said he always wanted to go.
391 i010011010 Seems like a greater honor than any award could bestow to a living person. Just knowing he's aside history's two greatest contributors to science is probably the most monumental distinction one could ever earn.
117 [deleted] [deleted]
81 PeeWees_Hermin Weird to think that a week from now you could be just a pile of ashes
129 oddtoddious Professor Hawking is finally level with his peers.
116 TokyoCuddlingService Farewell, ashen one. Mayst thou thy peace discov'r.
11 Nemacolin Newton's tomb is neat, a globe a reclining nude lots of old-fashioned sculpture. I suppose we cannot hope for something like that for Dr. Hawking. ==eta== Newton's grave is in front of the choir screen, close to his monument. The Latin inscription on it reads: Hic depositum est, quod mortale fuit Isaaci Newtoni. This may be translated as: 'Here lies that which was mortal of Isaac Newton'. Newton's Monument Newton's monument stands in the nave against the choir screen, to the north of the entrance to the choir. It was executed by the sculptor Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770) to the designs of the architect William Kent (1685-1748) and dates from 1731. The monument is of white and grey marble. Its base bears a Latin inscription (see below) and supports a sarcophagus with large scroll feet and a relief panel. The latter depicts boys using instruments related to Newton's mathematical and optical work (including the telescope and prism) and his activity as Master of the Mint. Above the sarcophagus is a reclining figure of Newton, in classical costume, his right elbow resting on several books representing his great works. They are labelled (on the fore-edges) 'Divinity', 'Chronology', 'Opticks' [1704] and 'Philo. Prin. Math' [Philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1686-7)]. With his left hand he points to a scroll with a mathematical design shown on it (the 'converging series'), held by two standing winged boys. The painting on this scroll had been erased or cleaned off in the early 19th century and was re-painted in 1977 from details in Newton's manuscripts. The background is a pyramid on which is a celestial globe with the signs of the Zodiac, of the constellations, and with the path of the comet of 1680. On top of the globe sits a figure of Astronomy leaning upon a book. The monument originally stood out against the flat front of the choir screen, but was enclosed within the present decorative arch when Edward Blore re-modelled the screen in 1834. Inscription The inscription reads: "H. S. E. ISAACUS NEWTON Eques Auratus, / Qui, animi vi prope divinâ, / Planetarum Motus, Figuras, / Cometarum semitas, Oceanique Aestus. Suâ Mathesi facem praeferente / Primus demonstravit: / Radiorum Lucis dissimilitudines, / Colorumque inde nascentium proprietates, / Quas nemo antea vel suspicatus erat, pervestigavit. / Naturae, Antiquitatis, S. Scripturae, / Sedulus, sagax, fidus Interpres / Dei O. M. Majestatem Philosophiâ asseruit, / Evangelij Simplicitatem Moribus expressit. / Sibi gratulentur Mortales, / Tale tantumque exstitisse / HUMANI GENERIS DECUS. / NAT. XXV DEC. A.D. MDCXLII. OBIIT. XX. MAR. MDCCXXVI" This can be translated as follows: "Here is buried Isaac Newton, Knight, who by a strength of mind almost divine, and mathematical principles peculiarly his own, explored the course and figures of the planets, the paths of comets, the tides of the sea, the dissimilarities in rays of light, and, what no other scholar has previously imagined, the properties of the colours thus produced. Diligent, sagacious and faithful, in his expositions of nature, antiquity and the holy Scriptures, he vindicated by his philosophy the majesty of God mighty and good, and expressed the simplicity of the Gospel in his manners. Mortals rejoice that there has existed such and so great an ornament of the human race! He was born on 25th December 1642, and died on 20th March 1726".
20 wordsarehardyall Damn! When even Stephen Hawking has to be an intern just to get a job, you know shit has gone too far... SMH
37 TheBob427 He wanted to be cremated? Not buried so his energy can return to the earth? I know that's what NdGT said he wanted.