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Emissions increases approved by regulator may wipe out $260m of Direct Action cuts
184 sarahbau Reminds me of when a customer of my business found a phone in the parking lot and handed it in to me. It didn't belong to any of my customers that were there, so I kept it charged so the owner could use "find my iPhone," or call it so I could tell them where it was. Instead of doing either of those things, the owner apparently told her boyfriend that the phone had been stolen. I started getting threatening messages on the phone that I couldn't reply to because it was locked. After four days, one of the owner's friends called, and I was able to answer and say where the phone was. If you ever lose your phone, don't just assume whoever found it is keeping it for themselves.
247 p-wing Newark, California: If the stench doesn't knock you out, the people will.
54 tallsails Who brawls in the lost and found?
41 SaraBinks I wonder if the owner of the phone was embarrassed to find that it was in lost and found. Did they apologize to everyone?
33 prismmonkey The "weave aftermath" made that far funnier than it should have been.
9 lysergicquestions lol, the person filming is with their little kid watching the whole thing
7 infininme People taking shit personally
8 JoeyHollywood After watching the video of the fight I must say the guy who waxes the floors at that pizza parlor does a brilliant job!
22 Beanyurza Is this the definition of first world problem?
18 Blinjay I’m so happy that whoever filmed this got a close up on the ripped out weaves on the floor after the brawl. Thanks!
14 I_am_really_shocked No real big surprise on watching the video. This is what killed off Newpark Mall years ago and it's just been swirling the drain for the last decade, here and at other malls, as they're forced to enforce curfews and no unaccompanied minors.
25 Intense_introvert Watched the video, was not surprised.
7 Bonesnapcall As a security guard for a 40 floor office building with a public shopping area/cafeteria in the basement: So many people we've tracked down to return items to have said "I assumed it was gone forever." Always check lost and found, people. People are far more likely to turn in phones than steal them. The only real exception to expensive stuff is jewelery. If it looks expensive, someone probably stole it rather than turn it in. The fake-looking jewelery all gets turned in.