77-year-old sentenced to 10 years for growing marijuana
Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving must remain because they ‘lack the intellect’ of men, says leading cleric. Sheikh Saad al-Hajari said women had only half the brainpower of males – which fell to a quarter when they ‘went to the market
Student left in cave for three days - A US student spent almost three days trapped inside a cave after he was left behind on a university field trip.
Artificial Colors Are Back in Trix Because Nobody Liked Natural Ingredients
Bounty hunters took the wrong woman into custody at Columbus Walmart. A jury awarded her $950,000.
UC Berkeley's 'Free Speech Week' officially canceled, appeared to be set-up from the start
Teacher allows students to bring a ‘3x5’ cheat sheet. He never said inches
Arkansas Defies Monsanto, Moves To Ban Rogue Weedkiller
Six believed hurt after reports a group was spraying 'noxious substance' in Westfield shopping centre, east London
U.S. bombers fly off North Korea's coast in show of force
Singer Charles Bradley dead at 68 from cancer
Ontario to cover HIV prevention pill under public health plan
Mass evacuation as Puerto Rico dam bursts
Asian-American Family Threatened After Displaying Black Lives Matter Sign
Man kills two daughters for 'honour' in Pakistan
UDPATE: Crews recover around 221 gallons of emulsified oil and water from Port Valdez, Alaska
UN peacekeepers in Congo hold record for rape, sex abuse
'You have to upsell them': Marketplace exposes how dealerships push maintenance you don't need
Officer charged with sex assault after girl, 15, gives birth to his child
After family member fatally overdoses, father and brother go after her heroin source, police say
Nursing Home Voicemail to Governor Deleted
Undercover cop, Air Force officer, med student among those St. Louis police swept up Sunday night
Miami Beach City Workers Threatened to be Fired for not returning to work 2 days after Hurricane Irma
In first, Saudi Arabian women allowed into sports stadium
Mother with 4 kids stopped with $237,000 cash in Rosenberg
Police: Man filmed pair raping 14-year-old Utah girl because ‘it was funny’
British principal killed, dumped in Amazon River wrote cryptic tweet before death
Eleventh victim dies after Hollywood nursing home power outage after Irma
Netflix, Microsoft, and Google just quietly changed how the web works
Magnitude 5.8 quake hits off northern California
General Motors going 100 percent green at Ohio, Indiana plants
2 Documented Gang Members Convicted of Murdering 5 at Long Beach Homeless Camp
Tractor-trailer filled with 40,000 pints of vodka overturns in North Carolina
Erdogan protesters beaten and ejected from New York speech
Usada chief Travis Tygart urges IOC to ban Russia from Winter Olympics
1 year later: Smithsonian's African-American museum celebrates on the Mall
North Korea says rockets to U.S. 'inevitable' as U.S. bombers fly off North Korean coast
No crowds at Apple stores in China as iPhone 8 launches
US government tells election officials in 21 states hackers targeted their systems in 2016 but most systems not breached
Immigrant taken by ICE from Austin courthouse was killed in Mexico
513 annoyingdogtoy How is this not a bigger story? A mayor of a pretty large city in the US is forced to resign for supposedly diddling kids.
42 TheInverseFlash Doesn't this just make him seem more guilty?
18 idrink211 Can someone explain why it's not uncommon for victims to come forward long after the abuse was committed?
11 rolldeeplikeamother ITT: discussion about the coverage of this event, and very little actual discussion of the event itself
61 Georgia-Man Glad this story is getting some attention, it kinda got overlooked yesterday.
12 Pooptoaster Well the comments escalated into a shitfest. I think though it is a good lesson on cognitive dissonance.
43 hehemyman * this guy is a piece of shit and should be in jail * Vast majority of liberals hate this guy * CNN(and the liberal MSM) tried to underplay the fact that he was a democrat These aren't mutually exclusive opinions to have. I don't get what is so complicated about this.
127 Salmagundi77 Seattleite here. Some of the loudest voices demanding Murray resign are from the most *liberal* characters in the city. So, if conservatives want to make hay with this narrative, they should look elsewhere. This is an example of leftists condemning their own, in light of evidence.
18 AFlaccoSeagulls Good. The guy was a piece of shit. It took 5 allegations for him to resign. He's a disgrace to the Democratic party.
3 jordangoretro That'll teach him to pardon a Tofurkey.
3 BriarRose1985 Good, I never liked his politics. He did many thing that were wrong and backward. Many people have accused him of abuse and many have let it fly, which is wrong. In addition, who cares what he is (Democrat or Republican). If this is true then it needs to be addressed. He should not be let off just because he is of a certain party.
14 IAmOfficial Did I miss the /r/politics post on this or are they not covering it?
5 justkjfrost resigned only ? He should be investigated by justice admittedly i'm disappointed to see such person stooping to such lows