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2393 Raptorfeet Don't you have student records? It should take one second to confirm whether or not these persons are students at the school or not.
2373 sonia72quebec After his firing, Kelly tweeted: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
2568 shillyshally "I’ve been terminated from the State House. I made a mistake whereas I tried to inform a reporter of information relating to his story regarding a school shooting. This was not my responsibility. I meant no disrespect to the students or parents of Parkland." So, was he fired for speaking to the press when that was not in his job description - or - was he fired for saying something vile?
8142 drewmighty I was at the UCSB shooting years ago. I know the people who were killed. It astounds me that people believe this. I even ran into people suggesting that the people killed in my own school tragedy were actors. They play so many mental gymnastics there is no point even arguing with these people as you cannot win. They are delusional and at best they are trolling. The world is full of fucked up things and even worse, full of fucked up people. Just ignore these people, no point in arguing with a wall. Edit: RIP inbox
812 JustAvgGuy On our way to Sandy Hook folks...
445 alm1188 Trying to belittle what these kids are saying is BS. Had a relative share a post earlier today that said "I refuse to debate gun control with people who eat soap and are confused about restrooms." She posted that right after sharing the post about David Hogg being on the NEWS in CA over the summer and now being on the NEWS in FL about the school shooting. Absolutely ridiculous.
1031 wonder-maker Found the Alex Jones listener.
205 HanabiraAsashi If the crisis actors were a way to give Obama and excuse to take away our guns.... Why are they still acting if Trump is president? Now that i think if it, how hilarious would it be if trump in another major flip flop ends up being the one to actually try and ban guns.
158 c3h8pro I used to volunteer on a disaster team to help with the cleanup of incidents where a small community would be overwhelmed. Our mitagations would be very personal and the people who would have been doing it likely knew the murdered or killer. I was coming back from an incident and had my ID and a ID from the State Police where this happened around my neck. We stopped at a gas station and a 40 something year old woman saw me filling my truck. I see her reading my ID, she began screaming "False Flag" and pointing at me and another team member I was traveling with. The most disturbing part was her mini van had a "Soccer mom" sticker across the back. It could have been her kids we boxed up that day.