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40 COAST_TO_RED_LIGHTS I feel like I'm the only one disappointed when cities or states do this, but that's because I always resuse my plastic bags for cleaning kitty litter and small garbage pail lining. If plastic bags were banned, then I'd still have to buy them, but then only use them once, which I feel is worse.
42 Zelonius333 Everywhere in the world needs to do this
5 Aowsoes I always thought my grandma was crazy for hoarding all her plastic bags. Turns out she was ahead of her time, pity she didn't live to see it pay off.
5 djangoman2k Single use? Mine carry my groceries to my homes, then my cat shit to the trash
11 LekeH5N1 In Finland they put the prices of the bags to 20c. Since I go to the shop every couple of days, I got into the habit of taking a bag with me because the cost adds up. It works for me, but I still see many people still buying them a lot.
3 boxofstuff What about dog poop bags?
3 Fattitude Meanwhile bin liners are made of.....
3 meow-bark I bought a 1000 plastic bags on Amazon. Why? You never know how many bags you need at the groceries. I reuse the bags as doggy poopoo bags and and as trash bags for car/house. If I see someone forget their bags I give them some of mine at no charge.
13 SPQTiberia Ah yes, because I want meat juices in my reusable shopping bag. Yay! Further, plenty of people get multiple uses out of these "free" bags. I take my lunch to work in them. I put meat in the refrigerator I'm them so if it leaks, it leaks in a bag! I use it for kitty litter. I use them to put trash in when cooking. I have a small storage chute that I fill up with bags. Maybe people just need to be less stupid. Or is this a bid by the plastic bag manufacturers themselves? Seriously. The free bag you get at the store are extremely thin single layer plastic. The bags you can buy in a box at the store are luxurious by comparison thicker, often multiple layers and many many times the price. If people like me still need bags I guess they're going to have to pay full retail in Australia.
2 MolecularAnthony Single use plastic bags are synthesized from methane which is otherwise discarded into the atmosphere from oil refineries. Plastic bags reduce global warming.
2 Krytan What do Australians throw away their garbage in? I'm just trying to imagine a 're-useable' garbage bag. I either don't pick up plastic bags, or I save them to use for garbage at home. So that's two uses!
1 Browntownss What will they put their weed in?