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62 Winkie1 As a parent of a Highschool student in the adjacent district we received this text @ 10:46am: CVSD Families: We received word of serious potential incident outside of the district. As precaution all schools on modified lockdown. Students will remain in schools, released only with strict ID procedures to parents or legal guardians from office. Student safety is top priority. --CVSD administration Update @ 11:54 CVSD Families: We've received info from official law authorities there's not imminent threat to any of our schools. As a precaution, all schools will remain on modified lockdown until further notice, perhaps thru end day. At this pt we expect normal dismissal & after school activities. -CVSD Admin Update @ 12:48 CVSD Families: We've lifted the modified lockdown at all schools with normal bus routes & normal after school activities. Reminder, we have security systems at every one of our schools that controls access. please follow normal procedures at all schools for entry. -CVSD Administration.
39 LittleKingSlice The whole damn state is on fire and now this? Damn. Hope they can get everyone else to safety.
195 Sc22Fuego **This is a developing story. Details are changing as new reports from local authorities are releasing information. Apologies for any inaccuracies, I'm doing my best to correct them as details are updated. I'm at work so it's a little difficult to keep up.** To any parents of Freeman students who might be reading - Students are congregated on the football field for head counts and witness statements. They are being released to parents 10 at a time. ~~Current reports are 1 possible fatality, 2 other injuries (severity not clear)~~ Suspect has been detained. All south side Spokane public schools are in lockdown as a precaution. ~~Edit: changed to possible fatality, rather than confirmed.~~ ~~Edit 2: local news sources are now reporting 6 individuals were shot and have been admitted to Sacred Heart Medical Center for trearment, no word on any fatalities.~~ Edit 3: "Spokane County Sheriff confirms ~~five people shot, one dead,~~ shooter in custody at Freeman High School" (per Spokesman Review Twitter) Edit 4: reports on KHQ live stream are now saying 3 injured + 1 student death. Edit 5: the 3 individuals who were admitted to Sacred Heart are in "satisfactory condition". Edit 6: all 4 victims confirmed to be students. The 3 injured students are stable. Edit 7: Central Valley School District has lifted their modified lock-down. Edit 8: I've gotta get back to work. Seems like the major facts are all out already. No confirmed details about the shooter yet at the time of writing. Follow the reply below from /u/albinobluesheep for further updates. Final edit: Put your damn political soap boxes away. Nobody fucking cares if you think it's the stupid liberals' or the stupid conservatives' fault. This is a tragedy. A child was murdered, and 3 more were shot. 2 of them go to my church. I've spent my evening talking and praying with students and parents who knew all 4 of these kids personally and are broken over the loss of their friend. This is fucking real life, not some story for you to beat your chest over and try to push your ideas. If you want to comment with additional information or with condolences or thanks or sorrow over the loss of young life, that's great, I appreciate your input. But if you want to post your opinion about how the political party of your choice is wrong and that America has to change in whatever way you think will keep this from happening, I'm the only person in this thread who is going to see your trash, and I'm going to down vote it and report it for being unnecessarily provocative or vitriolic. Go make a post on your political echo chamber of choice, or call your local congressional representative instead.
81 feministwdaddyissues This is my high school. So sad and scary. No word yet from anyone on the possibly fatality.
22 starship_litterbox Give the custodian a goddamn raise.
13 Winkie1 Student says the shooter passed out personalized notes at the beginning of the year warning of doing something "stupid" that will get him arrested or killed.
10 Ratboy422 So the there are 3 people shot. KHQ just got it confirmed by the fire department at the school. The 3 were moved to a local hospital. There has been a confirmed death. Fuck :(
11 Saltytomahawks I was in class at Lewis and Clark High School which is in the middle of Spokane Wa and we went into lockdown in 3 period, lockdown lasted about 45 mins until we were released out to lunch. Initially, we didn't know why we went into lock down but at the end we were told why and it's just been a crazy experience to say the least. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families effected. You never think these kinda things can never happen where you are or again where you are, and that's what I thought until it happened and it's crazy.
10 Maybewhocansay The boy killed was a hero. He tried to stop the attacker. I hope his family realize what a hero he is.
10 savemyheavydirtysoul This is my brothers' school, my sister graduated from here and so did my stepmother and her siblings. Absolutely shocking as it's such a small tight knit community. I'm happy my bothers are safe, but someone lost a child today. Just awful..
21 Ratboy422 The Spokesman is reporting that 6 people got shot now. Edit: KHQ is reporting 1 dead, 3 wounded. Fuck. Edit 2: KHQ just said it was a student that was killed. Edit 3: There will be press conference at 12:15 and 12:30. Edit 4: The 3 in the hospital do not have life threatening issues at least. They are listed as "satisfactory" Last edit: /u/Sc22Fuego is watching the same thing I am and has the top post so im going to stop updating. I grew up in a small town a bit south of there and know how you know everyone in schools that size. I fucking hate the "thoughts and prayers" shit, but I my heart is with everyone in the area. Fuck.
9 Lrhibbs Everything is still developing so it's hard to tell what the exact story is currently, but goddamn this is crazy I live fairly close, this is nuts It's reporting that 6 have been shot
7 EricHayward223 My boss has a daughter that attends this school. I read about the shooting while at lunch. The boss came down shortly after and said he was leaving to get his girl. The kid who tried to talk down the shooter died a hero.
6 ILoveButtz I live 20 min from that school and my mother is on lockdown at another high school nearby. My heart goes out to the families of the students. Nobody should ever have to worry if there child is safe at school.
3 MrFecalAnus I'm watching the local news right now, and they interviewed a friend of the shooter. The friend said that the shooter gave out notes stating that he'd be doing something that could either get him killed or arrested, and they forwarded this note on to a counsellor.
3 ShadowFox2020 Why wasnt this on the front page?
28 financequestionsacct This may not be the place for this comment, but I am so tired of the violence in our schools. I am outraged about it. *Children* should not have to consider that they may be murdered just for going to school. I'm frustrated, and I don't have the answers on how to fix this but I recognize that something needs to be done. I am a legislator for a city in Washington State and we have been lucky so far that it has not happened in our city but I worry all the time about this. As a community, taking care of our young people and those who can't advocate for themselves should be our number one priority and I cannot help but to feel like we have collectively failed in that goal, and it makes me heartsick.