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300 xGrandx > The baby had no pulse and was not breathing, so officers performed CPR and rushed the infant to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, he said. The infant is alive and in stable condition, Wow didn't expect that, I hope the baby doesn't have brain damage after all that, but I feel like that's wishful thinking.
107 y2jerichoholic Always amazes me these stories, when people are giving birth theyre surrounded by professionals and prepared and need help to push and deliver, and somehow this woman just delivers a baby like it was a bowel movement?
59 michaela66 I work in food service and don't even have time to take a leak, much less give birth & then attempt to murder my baby.
20 HR_Paperstacks_402 Why do people try flushing babies down toilets? There's no way they could possibly fit, right? It just seems dumb.
66 sw04ca > She is being held on $11 million bail. Why? If you're concerned that she's a flight risk, or if you find her crime incredibly heinous, just deny bail. What sense does it make to ask a work-force fringe player to post an eight-figure bond?
16 istayquiet Obligatory not-being-an-asshole comment for this thread: Most states have safe-haven surrender laws that allow women to surrender infants to the custody of hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and other state locations 100% anonymously for any reason. *It's important for people reading this thread to know this.* These laws are designed to protect the safety of infants from things exactly like this. Children surrendered through safe-haven placements are placed in the custody of DSS and into foster care. Because they are done anonymously, there is almost no risk of being prosecuted for endangerment under a safe haven surrender. The important thing to know if you are considering doing a safe-haven surrender is that you must be clear that you are doing a safe-haven surrender, and that you wish to remain anonymous. In my line of work, we often see social workers attempt to discuss adoption planning (which has many benefits to the child and biological family), but adoption is not anonymous, and laws surrounding adoption placement are not the same. If you or anyone you know is pregnant and in this kind of desperate situation, safe haven surrenders are an option.
76 Zykium Can't afford another dependent on a McSalary
23 schoocher With a competent lawyer, she'll probably (but not a guarantee) be acquitted of infanticide due to an insanity plea based on postpartum depression/psychosis.   And let's be honest, trying to flush a newborn down the toilet is NOT the act of a sane person.
48 broniesnstuff Badaba ba ba ba! I'm flushin' it!
21 [deleted] [deleted]
17 -Dunnobro ITT: Comments that shouldn't make you laugh, but do.
13 Phooto I don't understand. You literally walk down the street to a fire station or hospital and put the baby down and walk away. That's it. No questions. No legal ramifications. Baby is fine and you don't spend 35 years in jail. What the fuck is wrong with people? They have to know about this option, right?
28 cbow120 The plumbers would've got a not-so-happy meal
4 sl1878 11 million for bail? Why bother even offering it. Seriously though, I've seen rapists get lower bail amounts.
16 OP_LIES_TO_THE_DEAF I'm dying to see what this woman looks like. Whenever there's a story about a woman accidentally giving birth and claiming they no idea they were pregnant she's always super fit and attractive.