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67 Hmiad Or they could reinforce the beach access rights. He has lost in 2 courts already and the state supreme court refused to take the case. The supreme court hasn't even agreed to hear the case yet. This is click bait Also His lawyers selling point on himself is that he has challenged more cases in front of the supreme court in the last 17 years than any other lawyer. Except he was against same sex marriage and tried to get the aca repelled which he was on the losing side of both. Not sure that makes him a winner.
492 NearbyKelpie >The California Coastal Act for decades has scaled back mega-hotels, protected wetlands and, above all, declared that access to the beach was a fundamental right guaranteed to everyone. But that very principle could be dismantled in the latest chapter of an all-out legal battle that began as a local dispute over a locked gate. I am so sick of the rich staking claim to the best parts of the earth.
13 sid-darth If the beach is public, then the state should put a fence up along his property line with one access point. Keep it locked on the public side and charge him a fee to access the public beach. Make sure the fence follows his property line up to the main road. Sure he can walk around it but it would be inconvenient as hell.
51 Krytan The robber barons of the 20's built the industrial machinery that helped us win WWII, and poured money into municipal buildings, improvements, libraries, etc. The robber barons of silicon valley want to keep poor people from getting to the beach.
13 elephantofdoom I say California should fight fire with fire. If rich people want to block access to beaches via property they own, fine, the state should build fences around the beach to keep the rich people out as well. In fact, they should have a ferry drop people off at beaches every hour or so as the only way onto the beach. Hell, they should host music festivals on the beaches, see how long the rich can take it.
155 theClumsy1 >The Deeney family that sold Martins Beach had, for almost a century, maintained a public bathroom, parking lot, even a general store. Surfers, fishermen and picnickers paid 25 cents to enter. The fee eventually went up to $10. >Khosla, in legal filings, said he "was willing to give the business a go, and continued to allow members of the public to access the property upon payment of a fee. But [he] soon faced the same problem the Deeneys had faced: The business was operating at a considerable loss, as the costs of keeping the beach, the parking lot and other facilities in operable and safe condition significantly exceeded the fees the business generated." I'm sorry but you are worth 2.6 Billion Dollars. I don't give a shit if your "Public/Private" Beach is not "making money" and that's why you closed it. Plus, >The Coastal Commission last fall began the formal process of notifying Khosla of public access violations, which could amount to fines of as much as $11,250 per day per violation. You are willing to take a loss of 11K PER DAY. Do not bitch to me about how expensive it is to run a public beach if you are willing to close the beach to the public at a risk of 11K per day.
73 stereonmymind Fucking rich fucking fucks
55 148IQ Nothing like coming here from India and keeping Americans off of their beach. Disgusting.
3 fatduebz Only rich people matter in America.
8 ragenaut This might not be the best place to ask, but I've always wondered- how the hell does one gain access to a seemingly "private" beach? I know these laws exist, but here in California, I know of a few that are gated. Specifically I'm referring to Emerald Bay and Cameo Cove in Orange County. The way it works is that a gated community is built on the beach and, as far as I know, the only way to access the beach is by the road, which is cut off by the gate into the community. Unless there's a public access path from the highway I'm not aware of. Legally, SHOULD there be a way to access these beaches? I have a friend of a friend who owned a house in one of these gated communities and was lucky enough to get in with an access card once, and it was one of the most beautiful (and empty on a fucking summer weekend) beaches I'd ever visited. I want to go back, but I'm not sure how.   Another thing I considered is that it may simply be difficult to access, rather than impossible, because there's practically zero parking outside the community, unless you want to walk really far. I'm perfectly fine with walking myself, though, and I think I want to try and get in this summer. Is it as simple as going up to the guardhouse at the gate and requesting access, and legally they have to let me in? If anyone knows, I'd love some tips. I've legitimately though about kayaking onto the beach from the ocean a few times, but all my kayaking experience is in calm bays, so hitting the open ocean is a bit intimidating.   EDIT: These are coves I'm referring to, and as such, I can't simply walk down the beach along the sand to get to them. Here's a map:
12 poundfoolishhh I admit I skimmed the article, but I didn't see it: does he own the beach, or the property the gate sits on that leads to the beach? If he owns the beach, does that mean he is personally liable for people that get injured/killed while using it? If he just owns the gate, the state can't invoke eminent domain on the gate or create a new path?